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Nov 20 / RAS

Opportunity Knocks

We know that funding is getting increasingly difficult to come by, so RAS herds and corrals everything that comes across our path (and those we actively search at as well) in attempt to make departmental life a little easier.  In addition to the regular funding announcement emails sent out by the RAS director, available funding opportunities are also listed on the SOM Office of Research and Graduate Programs “Current Research Opportunities” page:


The “Agency Notices and Highlighted Funding Opportunities: This Month”  listing is updated on a monthly basis as notification of new funding opportunities are received or discovered.  Announcements are listed in order with the most current deadlines at the top.  The funding opportunities that have no deadlines are at the bottom of the page.  To obtain details on a specific funding opportunity, click on the Sponsor’s name or the Website/URL link.


If you have any questions about application requirements for funding opportunities – both internal and external –  please let RAS know and we will walk through the process with you.  Good luck!