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Oct 29 / Sabrine Ismail

Project 4 Process work

  1. Depreciation:


  • to cause (something) to have a lower price or value
  • to decrease in value
  • to describe (something) as having little value
  • connotations – lessen, lower, devalue, decrease, belittle, deflate, demote, defeat
  • origin & history – 1767, “a lowering of value” (originally of currency), noun of action from depreciate. Meaning “loss of value of a durable good by age orwear” is from 1900.

visual examples:

IMG_0763 IMG_0762 IMG_0760 dep1 IMG_0764
1 2 4 depreciation
  1. Unmannered:
  •  marked by a lack of good manners
  • characterized by an absence of artificiality
  • connotations – rude, unaffected, awkward, disrespectful, impertinent, impolite, uncivil, insolent, vulgar, presumptuous
  • origin & history – 1400-50; Late Middle English

visual examples:

unmannered B34FYY_2157828bmiley-cyrus-300x400



3 5 6 unnmannered



Examples of modular typefaces:

exampl modular type - braile



example modular - type emigre lo-res, Lo-Res

example modular type - underware - unibody proexample modular type - underware - unibody pro2, Unibody Pro



depreciation unmannered


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  1. renee / Dec 6 2013

    I really loved your final designs for this project. They really have strong connotations to each of your words. You have great in-depth process work, and the research you’ve done definitely helps your overall design. Interesting/eclectic choice of pictures to connote meanings as well.

  2. Emilio Cardiel / Nov 24 2013

    Your process work is great. I think the images you chose are spot-on and I can appreciate the thought process going in to the final draft. The phrase “taking it further” kept getting thrown around in crit but that’s pretty vague and doesn’t necessarily apply to everything. I feel these are complete, especially “unmannered”. Each letter is unmannered in its own way and can stand alone. “Depreciation” works as well, as each letter is fading and the word looks good as a whole. I’m pretty sure we were supposed to use the same shape for each word but I still think they both turned out great.

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