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Oct 13 / Sabrine Ismail

Alexander – Timeless Way

– “… pattern as something ‘in the world’ – a unitary pattern of activity and space, which repeats itself over and over again, in any given place, always appearing each time in a slightly different manifestation.”

– patterns and variations of patterns in the world are created by us. They are created by the similar patterns in our minds we imagine, conceive, create, build, and live pg 181

– patterns in our minds are mental images of patterns in the world (abstract representations)

– simplest kind of language is a system that contains: 1. a set of elements, or symbols. 2. a set of rules for combining these symbols

– natural language: words, rules of grammar and meaning which give connections, sentences

– pattern language: patterns, patterns which specify connections between patterns, building and places

– architects are responsible for no more than 5% of all buildings in the world – majorities of buildings, (streets, shops, freeways, bridges, etc.) come from different source

– your pattern language is the total of your knowledge on how to build

– it is only because a person has a pattern language in his mind, that he can be creative when he builds

– the rules of english make you creative because they save you from having to bother with meaningless combinations of words

– a pattern language is a precise way of describing someone’s experience of building

– man experienced in building houses – his language for houses is rich and complex

– number of meaningless combinations is larger than the number of combinations which make sense as buildings

– the patterns which repeat themselves come from the fact that all the people have a common language, and each one of them uses this common language when he makes a thing

– every part of the environment is governed by some portion of a pattern language

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