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Oct 6 / Sabrine Ismail

Project 2: Font Mannerisms


Designer: John Baskerville

Year Released: 1757

Type Foundry: Deberny & Peignot

Descriptive words: Refined, Generous, Transitional, Sharp, Prevalent, Baroque, Uniform, Precise

part 2.1 part 2.2 part 2.22 part 2.23part 1.2


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  1. Renee / Dec 4 2013

    I love the compositions and your use of color for this project! You created very compelling and visually interesting designs here.

  2. Ruwaida Ba-arma / Nov 29 2013

    It is really interesting to see your approach to this project because we have the same font. I really like your compositions and color choice overall because it plays off of the font, which is elegant and refined. I particularly like your composition for the tittle because you arranged it to be informative by placing it in the middle to display the weight difference and you also created a decorative composition around it.

  3. Emilio Cardiel / Oct 20 2013

    Really good compositions, this is my first time seeing them. I really like the “tittle” display. The arrangement and use of subtle color is great.

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