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Oct 6 / Sabrine Ismail

BARON (free type family)

Free type font, Baron, created by Frank Hemmekam




Free Download here:


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  1. Izak.J / Nov 30 2013

    Thanks for sharing, the font looks great! For your info there’s another good resource of free fonts; you may find a lot impressive free fonts on this website They have more than 13,000 fonts of all kinds for your graphic designs or ppt tutorial.

  2. Sabrine Ismail / Oct 21 2013

    There is a site called that I would highly recommend to join if you are interested in free fonts such as this. Independent designers and typographers post their works usually free for public use. You’ll be amazed to find such a large collection of fonts in all sorts of styles. Also a great device when looking for inspiration.

  3. Emilio Cardiel / Oct 20 2013

    Nice find, I’m going to have to download this.

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