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Wayne State University

Aim Higher

Sep 16 / Sabrine Ismail

type crimes

  1.  pseudo small caps (p. 52)
  2. uneven spacing in between stacks of lowercase and capital letters (p. 52)
  3. squeezing a variant in a primary font to make it “fit” better in a group of lines (p. 54)
  4. using two of the same typefaces in a family that are too close in weight to flow with one another (p. 54)
  5. using two similar type styles to counterpoint ideas (p. 54)
  6. using quotation marks to carve out chunks of white space from the edge of the text (p.58)
  7. horizontal and vertical scaling of type (p. 38)
  8. reducing certain typefaces too small where they begin to look fragile (p. 41)
  9. minimal differences in type size within a design (p.42)
  10. pseudo italics/slanted letters (p. 48)
  11. tightly tracked text (p. 104)
  12. poorly shaped text block (p. 112)
  13. column full of holes (p. 112)
  14. bad rag – ugly wedge shape spoils ragged edge (p. 113)
  15. punctuation eats edge (p. 113)
  16. stacked lowercase (p. 120)
  17. too many signals (p. 127, 132)
  18. data prison (p. 204)
  19. two hyphens in place of em dash (p. 211)
  20. hyphen between numbers (p. 211)
  21. two spaces between sentences (p. 211)



(Example of #12)


(Example of #1)


(Example of #3)



(Example of #4)





(Example of #5)

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