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Feb 3 / scholarscooperative

Institutional Repository Benchmarks

Primary Research Group has published their Institutional Digital Repository Benchmarks report for 2014, surveying data from 35 digital repositories at universities and other research oriented organizations in the USA, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

“The report presents detailed information on… facets of institutional digital repository management and development. The report provides trend data on the inclusion of various types of intellectual property including journal articles, books, classroom video and lectures and other materials.  The study pinpoints how repositories are being used and by whom, defining for repository policy planners growth areas in the type of intellectual property being downloaded by repository end

Of interest to us at the Scholars Cooperative is the finding that a median of 5% of journal articles published by the faculties of the organizations in the sample have been archived in the institutional repositories of those organizations.

Why is this number so low? Archiving of research and scholarly output is becoming more and more normative, especially as funder policies move toward open access as a condition of grantmaking. Until an author signs a copyright transfer agreement with a publisher, he or she is completely within his or her rights to place a copy of the accepted manuscript in an institutional repository like DigitalCommons@WayneState; that version can be preserved locally, and decisions about versioning and access can then be made once the article is published. There must be other factors, cultural and political, that are keeping faculty from depositing work, given the availability and ease of archiving in an institutional repository.

Wayne State’s institutional repository exists to encourage the broad dissemination and permanent preservation of scholarship produced by the Wayne State community. If you’ve considered making your work open access, or even just preserving your scholarly output in a central repository, contact us at regarding DigitalCommons@WayneState and the services that the Scholars Cooperative can provide in scholarly communication management.