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Nov 4 / scholarscooperative

Publishing and the Library

The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) recently released its first directory of academic libraries that engage in publishing.  This directory includes Wayne State’s own Library System.  You might ask, well, what does publishing have to do with libraries beyond the obvious?  Aren’t they usually dealing with information after it’s been published not before?  Let’s spend a bit looking over why we do this and how it affects you.

Why Are Libraries Becoming Involved With Publishing?

These libraries seek to advance publishing in all forms, traditional and nontraditional.  As the methods and definitions of publishing and publication have expanded (e.g. open-access publishing, data publishing and more), there has been a need for a useful umbrella under which these and other scholarly types of publication can be nurtured and produced.  Libraries are seeking to fill this space.  The LPC goes into greater detail about library publishing here; however, here’s the gist of it:

Based on core library values and building on the traditional skills of librarians, it is distinguished from other publishing fields by a preference for Open Access dissemination and a willingness to embrace informal and experimental forms of scholarly communication and to challenge the status quo. (LPC-About Us)

How Does This Affect Me?

“Wayne State’s Digital Publishing Unit works to make unique, important, or institutionally relevant scholarly content available to the world at large, in the context of the WSU Library System’s digital platforms.”  We’ve partnered with the Wayne State Press to support their expansion into digital publication of their journals.  Similarly we are busy making Wayne State’s valuable faculty-lead publications and research available through the university’s institutional repository, DigitalCommons@WayneState.

Do you have an open-access journal that you run?  If so, we might be able to provide a web presence for you.  Need to publish your research data?  Let us know.  Have some other sort of publishing question? We can answer it. As always you can contact us at or visit our site,, for more information.