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Mar 31 / Frank Addo

What SAAB Members did during Spring Break!

SAAB members did multiple things during Spring Break a few weeks ago.

Some members simply worked, some went back to their hometowns to spend time with family, some went out of state (Florida and Illinois), and others volunteered right here in Michigan–Detroit to be exact!

Of course, since a huge component of SAAB pertains to graduation, all members studied thoroughly during the break 🙂



Alternative Spring Break Detroit

Two SAAB brothers participated in ASBD from March 9th-13th. For Professional Development Chair Terrel White it was his fifth consecutive time participating while it was Dwight McDonald’s (Public Relations Chair) second consecutive (and second overall) year helping to lend a hand in Detroit!

Other SAAB members have also participated in ASBD in the past.


*Courtesy of Wayne State’s Flickr*


Pistons Game

On March 15th, a few SAAB brothers and a Morris Hood member went to see the Pistons host the Indiana Pacers.

Fun experience! Great bonding time! We even ran into another SAAB brother at the Palace who happened to be raising money for charity.

Unfortunately, the Pistons lost (in overtime) after leading by over 20 points.


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