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Oct 10 / Robin Shellnut

Happy October:)

Hello Everyone!:)

Can you believe it’s already October and we’ve had classes for a month!? During that time there has been some great things going on around campus. Hopefully you have had the chance to participate in some!

SO far this semester there has been Festifall and Student Org day, where some of the student orgs on campus had the opportunity to come out and reach out to students.  There are over 500 student orgs on campus, which is incredible!
There are two new organizations which I am apart of that I would like to announce! The first one is the Not For Sale Campaign, which is an anti-human trafficking org. As President, I look forward to having many events on campus that will help raise awareness on the issue of Human Trafficking, specifically here in America, and in Detroit. The next student org is called The Feminist Collective of Detroit. We are aiming to promote awareness of relevant feminist issues and incite change through community-oriented projects. One goal we have is to reclaim the word feminist, since many people think feminism is a negative word.

Has anyone been to any athletic events yet!? The Wayne State Football team has had some awesome game resulting in 4 out of 5 wins so far! Good job boys!
Don’t forget that the Homecoming Football game is Saturday October 20th! During half time the homecoming Queen and King will be announced. Since this is my senior year, and I feel that I positively represent WSU in many different ways, I decided to run. Voting for Queen and King will take place today October 10th until Friday October 12th, so feel free to make your VOTE heard on pipeline under the student tab:)

Other events on campus: This year I have had the wonderful opportunity to be an undergraduate commissioner on The Presidents Commission on the Status of Women. Since the month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness month they  have had some great events to raise awareness. The Clothesline Project was the first event!  The Clothesline Project honors women and men survivors and victims of violence. Any person, who has experienced such violence, at any time in her life, is encouraged to come forward and design a T-shirt, and even if you haven’t you were still welcomed to make a shirt.It is the very process of designing a shirt that gives each individual a new voice with which to expose an often terrible and unspeakable experience that has dramatically altered the course of their life. Participating in this project provides other students and myself a  powerful step towards helping a survivor break through the silence that has surrounded their experience. COSW also did an event where they had a large banner with the words “I promise to never use my hand in violence”, and students were encouraged to place their hand print on the banner.

Lets not forget about all the wonderful events that the Resident Advisors in the Residence Halls hold! If you live on campus be sure to take part in them:)

Have a great day!


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