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Oct 10 / Robin Shellnut

Happy October:)

Hello Everyone!:)

Can you believe it’s already October and we’ve had classes for a month!? During that time there has been some great things going on around campus. Hopefully you have had the chance to participate in some!

SO far this semester there has been Festifall and Student Org day, where some of the student orgs on campus had the opportunity to come out and reach out to students.  There are over 500 student orgs on campus, which is incredible!
There are two new organizations which I am apart of that I would like to announce! The first one is the Not For Sale Campaign, which is an anti-human trafficking org. As President, I look forward to having many events on campus that will help raise awareness on the issue of Human Trafficking, specifically here in America, and in Detroit. The next student org is called The Feminist Collective of Detroit. We are aiming to promote awareness of relevant feminist issues and incite change through community-oriented projects. One goal we have is to reclaim the word feminist, since many people think feminism is a negative word.

Has anyone been to any athletic events yet!? The Wayne State Football team has had some awesome game resulting in 4 out of 5 wins so far! Good job boys!
Don’t forget that the Homecoming Football game is Saturday October 20th! During half time the homecoming Queen and King will be announced. Since this is my senior year, and I feel that I positively represent WSU in many different ways, I decided to run. Voting for Queen and King will take place today October 10th until Friday October 12th, so feel free to make your VOTE heard on pipeline under the student tab:)

Other events on campus: This year I have had the wonderful opportunity to be an undergraduate commissioner on The Presidents Commission on the Status of Women. Since the month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness month they  have had some great events to raise awareness. The Clothesline Project was the first event!  The Clothesline Project honors women and men survivors and victims of violence. Any person, who has experienced such violence, at any time in her life, is encouraged to come forward and design a T-shirt, and even if you haven’t you were still welcomed to make a shirt.It is the very process of designing a shirt that gives each individual a new voice with which to expose an often terrible and unspeakable experience that has dramatically altered the course of their life. Participating in this project provides other students and myself a  powerful step towards helping a survivor break through the silence that has surrounded their experience. COSW also did an event where they had a large banner with the words “I promise to never use my hand in violence”, and students were encouraged to place their hand print on the banner.

Lets not forget about all the wonderful events that the Resident Advisors in the Residence Halls hold! If you live on campus be sure to take part in them:)

Have a great day!


Apr 12 / Robin Shellnut

The Southend & a follow up on the Clothesline Project

For those of you who do not know about The South End, it is the Wayne State Universitys school newspaper. The South End is published Wednesdays during the fall and winter semesters by Wayne State student writers and contributing writers. Its an awesome opportunity given to students. It’s a great way to express yourself, reach out to WSU students, and a great way to gain experience and build your resume.
Copies of The South End are available free of charge at various locations throughout campus. During the spring/summer semester, The South End publishes an e-edition that appears online every Monday.

Like them on facebook:

AND don’t forget to pick one up!!!!

Here is a recent article from The South End, about the Clothesline Project, which was what my last blog pertained to. I’m quoted in it!:)


Apr 3 / Robin Shellnut

The Clothesline Project-Breaking the Silence on Violence Against Women

Wayne State is so awesome! It has lots of  fun events and opportunities for students and faculty to get involved. Today, The Presidents Commission on the Status of Women held their annual event called The Clothesline Project. The Clothesline Project is an event that started on Cape Cod, MA, in 1990 to address the issue of violence against women. It is a vehicle for women affected by violence to express their emotions by decorating a shirt. Once the shirts are completed they will hang on display to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women. This has spread worldwide, which is awesome! The shirts made today will be displayed in the WSU Undergraduate Library 2nd floor the entire month of April.  How awesome is that!?
Here are some of the pictures of all the beautiful shirts created at the event today:

Here is mine! ^ A bunch of statistics to inform the uninformed.


My Atchison 2nd floor bulletin board! w/ Ryan M. & Cynthia L.




Apr 1 / Robin Shellnut

Events coming up on campus that support women:)

Hi Everyone, 

There are several events next month that are really important to me and I thought I would share them with you all in case you would like to participate. Spread the word around about these events! They are in honor of women, since next month relates to women and domestic violence awareness. Let me know if you have any questions or would like to participate with me:) 

*Monday April 2nd- 6-8pm – Genders Affecting Media & Entertainment- Domestic Violence Awareness Event. Student Center Ballroom. There will be surprise speakers and food!

*Tuesday April 3rd- 11am-2pm – Clothesline Project (Student Center Room: Hilberry A-2nd floor) The COSW is bringing awareness and education to the WSU community about domestic violence during April. The Clothesline Project is a way for women to express their emotions about their experiences by decorating a tee shirt. We will hang your tee shirt on our clothesline during the annual Take Back the Night even on April 18! 

*Wednesday April 18th- 4- 6:30pm – Take Back The Night (Undergraduate Library Bernath Auditorium)  Take Back the Night (TBTN) is  on campus, brought to you by the COSW. This event will educate the WSU community about sexual assult, abuse and violence against women. Join us for an afternoon of speakers, demonstrations and a march on campus to raise awareness. 

*Sunday April 29th- 8am- March of Dimes Walk (The March will begin and end at St. Andrews Church located on Anthony Wayne Drive) The March of Dimes’ mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.  Their mission is carried out through research, community services, education and advocacy to save babies’ lives.


Mar 7 / Robin Shellnut


Happy March everyone!!:)

Spring is coming (not that winter was really here, which is kinda a good thing right?)

This blog is going to be based on WSU classes, which you probably already knew from the title. In this blog I want to share some of my own experiences and also others experiences with WSU classes:)  I figured this would be helpful since we are often deciding on what classes we should take:)

Just a reminder that Spring/Summer 2012 registration began on Monday, February 6, 2012! Taking summer classes are a great way to save money, get classes done quicker and also stay on top of graduating on time.

Before discussing classes, I would like to discuss the importance of choosing a college/university with small size classes! This is not usually expressed too well to students, but it is extremely important. It is important to choose a school with small sized classes because when you graduate  and go to grad school, law school, medical school or want to find a job or internship, often they will ask for letters of recommendation from your professors. If you are in a class with 600+ students(No offense to other large University’s, but I have heard from friends of this happening often)  the chance of that professor knowing you, or even your name and that you exist, is very slim. What I love about WSU is our class sizes are fairly small. My average class is probably around 30 or less ( around high school size). I have a current class of 10 students and last semester had a class with 15. The classes that tend to be larger are the lecture classes that are a general education requirement for most students such as a basic math or science like biology. You’re definitely going to have more students in those classes, then one specific to your major, but still, my math class had about 100 or less. So nothing close to 600:)

As you may or may not know I’ve been at Wayne for almost 3 years and I have taken a great deal of courses!  Some courses I really enjoyed include:
NFS (Nutrition & Health)– This class taught me a lot about the body and nutrition, super interesting! Definitely took a lot of studying though!
Ceramics-  This class was very stress free (a great mental break when taking other classes, especially ones that require a lot of work). It gave me the opportunity to take an enjoyable, relaxing class and use my creativity. If I had the time I would have minored or double majored in it, it’s extremely fun!!
AFA 2410 Textiles- This class was required for me when I was an Interior Design major.It’s basically an introduction to fibers, yarns, fabric construction, design and finishes and how they relate to selection, use and care of textile products. Not a blow off class!! It  teaches you so much! I learned a lot of useful information. I learned about carpets and materials that are durable, and getting stains out of things, or how to wash certain materials properly (Definitely stuff Ill keep in mind for the rest of my life, especially when I have my own house someday).
Art History 1110 & 1120( w. McCurrach)-  This class was also required for me as an Interior Design student. Its Art studied in context of its cultures; techniques of visual analysis. Art from prehistory through Medieval period and Renaissance through twentieth century. It is tough and requires a lot of memorization but its extremely useful and very interesting. I can not tell you how many times I will see a picture of an art piece, go to a museum or see something on TV, and I am able to identify what it is,its date, the artist and where its from.A lot of this art you may have seen before, and its awesome to be able to identify with it, or know the unique history behind it.
Math 0993 (Rising Scholars Program)- I tend to struggle in math, so coming into WSU I decided to go through the Rising Scholars Program, and it was amazing. I did great in the class and began to actually understand math.They also have a program called Emerging Scholars Program, for upper level math courses. They are located in the Faculty Administration building, and here is the website(If you struggle or need extra help in almost any level or math, I highly recommend this program):

MY FAVORITE: Women Studies WS 3010 & 2700 & Sociology 2000 (w. Brewster, great professor). Women Studie’s classes are amazing, I learned so much, I can not even describe the amount of amazing and useful information I learned in them. These classes are filled with all kinds of students, including men! So definitely check them out, I wish WS was required, the information you learn is vital information you will value and never forget for the rest of your life. Same with Sociology, the classes are great and they are all about real world issues, that keep you interested, engaged and wanting to learn more (or even act!). CONSIDER TAKING THEM, it could only benefit you.

I also decided to ask other students and see what their favorite classes were and here is the list of what I got (some may include professors, some not):

Science: General Chemistry, Chemistry 5510 advanced organic synthesis lab, Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 (w. Dr. Maguire), Orgo 1, Chemistry 6635 tools in molecular biology, Bio 1500 (w. Dan Kashian), Chemistry (w.Barber MaryFrances), Microbiology, CHM 1410/1420.

Psychology: PSY 2400 Developmental Psychology,

Social Science: Sociology (w. Monica White), Understanding Sociology, Sociology 2020

English: Eng 2120 (w. Julie Klein), Shakespeare, COM 1010,  English Learning Community, Communications (w. Professor Lynn H.)

Math: Pre Calculus, Calculus 3

Language/Culture: Spanish, Swahili , History of Cuban & Puerto Rico, Near Eastern Studies, Chinese Philosophy(w. Kim), Africana Studies

Education:  ELE 3600 ( w. Kristy Brugar)

Music/Film/Theatre: Intro to Film,THR 1010, Theatre Movement, Into to Theatre.
A good friend of mine Jane suggested Music Cultures (Dr. Natasha K. Foreman). She said she learned a lot about music from all over the world

One of the RA’s here in Atchison, Krysten highly suggested ENG 3010 (Motown learning community w. Professor Liebler). She said great artists came in from Hitsville USA recording studio on West Grand Boulevard (This was the studio that produced artists like Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross), artists such as Dennis Coffey from the funk brothers came in and Duke Fakir from the Four Tops, and other individuals from Detroit Artist Workshop including Lenni Sincliar came in. It really made her appreciate the beauty of Detroit. lots of field trips and there are many notable speakers. Krysten said she could not stop reading the books for the class and awaited each class!!!

Art:  Art History, Ceramics, Textiles,

History: HIS 2040 (w. Denver Brunsman), History of Cuban & Puerto Rico.
Another RA here in Atchison Bri suggested American Government (Professor Brown). She said the professor made really good lectures and she really enjoyed the SI sessions, and found them to be very helpful. She said there were all sorts of students in the class with different political backgrounds and it made the class very interesting.

Other:  Medical Humanities (w. Richard Raspa), Human Physiology, Citizenship & Technology, Anatomy & Physiology,PS 1010 (w. kevin Deegankrauss)


Exploring classes can help you decide your major and teach you all sorts of new things. It’s important that you meet with an advisor each semester to make sure you are on track with your schedule and graduation date. I also always check to make sure a class satisfied a certain requirement.



Feb 7 / Robin Shellnut

Don’t live on campus??! Then you’re doing it all wrong!!

Happy February everyone!!! 
This blog is all about living on campus:)

If you read the title….welll you read it right. If you don’t live on campus, then you should definitely think otherwise. Living on campus has been one of the greatest decisions I made so far at Wayne State. After I graduated in 2008, I did a semester at Baker College and I commuted almost everyday, there and back. Eventually I got sucked into this routine of home……school……home……school (repeat the next day). IT WAS INCREDIBLY BORING. I did not feel like I fit into the school, or got to really know anyone and it was very unpleasing. Definitely not the college experience you want to have.
When I transferred to Wayne State, I had to make the decision on whether or not I was going to live on campus. It was a tough decision to make since I lived 15 minutes away, and it also was costly. After a lot of thinking, I decided to go for it, and I am SO glad I did. Instantly I was able to meet and converse with other students and feel as if I actually FIT in. This was the kind of college experience I was looking for. Did you know that the majority of students living on our campus only live 10-20 minutes away!
Over that next year I made lots of new friends, met many of different kinds of people, joined our buildings Hall Council and even joined organizations, which led to me meeting even more people. I made connections and eventually got jobs on campus! Living on campus gives you lots of connections and in a way opens your horizons to new things. I never thought I could actually live on my own, but I was wrong, its definitely been a great experience. Whats even better, is I live so close, that I can go home whenever I want! No getting homesick here:)
Whats great about living in the dorms is all the opportunities that await you. There are always ways to get involved, meet new people, make connections and grow as an individual.
After living on campus for one year, you have the opportunity to apply for the Resident Advisor position. A lot of students jump right on this because it means free room & board, but you also have t realize that you are working your butt off for it! There is a lot involved in the job and if you are only in it for the room & board, you are most likely not going to enjoy it. My first year I stayed in Atchison Hall, second year I was an RA in Towers Residential Suites and this year I am back in Atchison as an RA.
The RA’s in all the dorm’s on campus do monthly bulletin boards (which I will be posting pics of) and also do monthly programs. The bulletin boards usually contain educational and interesting info on all sorts of topics. The programs are a great way to meet people, relax, take a breather and get involved!  So far this year, Atchison has had lots of very successful programs. Here are some of the programs we have done and are planning on doing:
Game night, Ladies Night, Grammy’s Wine & Dine, Cake Pop Decorating, Spa Night, Nailpolish Painting Night, Shadowing an RA for the night, Crunk with Cops, Graffiti T shirt party, Flower Pens, Salsa dancing, Movie night, yoga, Taboo Game night,  Making turkey hands, Decorate a snowflake, CoCoa & Cram, Disney Movie Night, Thanksgiving fort dinner, Chinese new year & calligraphy, Jewelry Party, Decorate a doorstop,  Open Mic night (Atchison’s got talent),  Academic Advisor Program, Sugar Skulls, Noel Night, How well do you know your roots (HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!), and I am probably forgetting a bunch more. 


If you are not an RA, there are other ways to be involved in the dorms, such as Hall Council. You can voice yours and other residents concerns, organize programs and gain leadership experience:)


    Decembers Board- SNOOPY:)                                                                  ”

January’s Board- “Clues to Avoid the Winter Blues”  

February Board- “Spring into break” ( Its never too early to think warm & plan spring break)

Every resident gets a door tag, with their name on it, here is our door tags for the winter semester:)

If you want to learn more about living on campus visit the housing office (5th floor of the Student Center) or visit the webiste. On the website you can see all the buildings, take Virtual tours, and view prices.


Stay tuned to learn more about campus life in the future!!

Jan 18 / Robin Shellnut

Hello 2012! My semester thus far, jobs & being involved on campus!

Hello Everyone!!
Happy New Year:)

Hope its been good so far! This semester is definitely going to be a busy one for me. I’m taking several sociology classes and one women’s studies. All the classes seem to be enjoyable so far:) still very glad I switched my major!
I’m super excited because I attended a WSU MSW seminar and I decided that I will mostly likely be getting my masters in social work once I am finished with undergrad. Not sure whether I will be in MI or not, but if I am, Wayne State is the place to go for it! We are ranked pretty high in the nation:) I really want to continue on and get as much schooling as I can because I want to work with a top Human Trafficking organization in the future:) I’m really passionate on Human Trafficking, and want to do all I can to combat it!
As I mentioned in the “About Me” section, I am a campus tour guide, orientation leader and Resident Advisor. So if anyone has any questions about the campus or housing or would like to take a tour, definitely come in to the welcome center M-F 10am & 2pm, or contact me:) I can not tell you how many people attend this university and know ONLY where there classes are, and nothing more about WSU. There are SO many opportunities and awesome things to know about WSU, so take the time to learn about them and be proud of your school!!
What I love about being  involved on campus is all the opportunities and doors that have opened to me. In the summer of 2009, I became and Orientation Leader, and learned LOTS about the university. From there I learned about becoming a Resident Advisor and also a  campus tour guide. Each year, something new arises!  This year, I got this awesome opportunity to blog, and was also asked to take place in a video being shot on campus about tips for success and common mistakes students make at WSU. The scene I was took place in began with me waking up late, running to class, getting to class only to see that NO ONE was in lecture, and class was not that day. The moral of the story is: CHECK YOUR CLASS SCHEDULE.
Today while I was walking into work to give a tour, I got pulled into a photo-shoot that was being shot on a special lady at WSU for TIME magazine. The issue comes out in late FEB. I may be in it (just walking by in the background) but hey! That counts! haha 🙂

Not only do I work on campus but I am also currently Public Relations chair of WSU’s Habitat for Humanity Organization on campus and I am also a part of Campus Crusade For Christ, a christian organization also on campus (called “CRU” for short). Being involved is super important to me and it is a great way to learn more about the university and feel like you fit in, build your resume, gain leadership experience, meet new people & make new friends and also make connections!! Being involved  on campus has opened many doors for me! and I HIGHLY suggest being involved, especially if you are commuting, so you don’t get into that home…..schoool…..home… routine.
Here at Wayne State we have over 270+ organization to join and it only takes 2 people to start one!!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Dec 6 / Robin Shellnut

My week, football & a college tip :)

Hello Everyone:)
Pheww! What a busy week I had last week! Time to tackle this week now!! Bring it on!
Winter break is SOO close, it’s always nice to look forward to a nice long break from school & work.

Also have some great news:
Our WAYNE STATE WARRIORS WON Saturday 31-25 DEFEATING THE DEFENDING CHAMPS!! On to the semi finals we go!:) Go Warriors!

Sometimes I think we can’t wait to finish school, but the more I think about it, I’ll actually really miss it!! It’s time that I stop stressing about all the work I have to do and start enjoying it. I know that sounds crazy and a lot easier said than done, but hey, college shouldn’t be about stressing out all the time it should be enjoyable. Although it will have its stressful times, its such a great opportunity and a memory we should cherish!
Wayne State has opened so many doors for me!
I have had wonderful leadership opportunities, awesome jobs on campus and I have meet so many wonderfulpeople, professors and made some great friends!

Throughout my years  here at Wayne State I have learned a great deal of information and I can’t wait to share it with you!
First of all, stressing out is normal. EVERY college student experiences stress, if they don’t…lets just say they are not normal. hah!
It’s only when I became a Resident Advisor in the dorms, held leadership positions on campus as well as two other jobs, that I learned the importance of time management and prioritizing.  Being a college student is hard enough, but factoring in your personal life, jobs, etc. makes it a lot more difficult. But its definitely DO-ABLE (made up word?) & will be worth it in the end. If it wasn’t for prioritizing and time management, I would be a mess and would’t be able to handle 18 credit hours, two jobs & a lot of other things this semester!
My best tip I can give you is KEEP AN AGENDA or PLANNER  and take it EVERYWHERE (as I do). When you get your syllabus for your classes, mark in your planner when all your tests, papers or work is due.
That way you do not forget! 🙂
When a professor mentions a due date in class, jot it right away in your planner!
Also, be sure to put your work schedule and personal dates in it too.
When you have everything in one place and in one planner, it makes life SO much easier. You are organized and planned and on top of things!
NEXT: Each week make a TO-DO list one for school & one for your personal life. So for example for school, make bullet points and write down EVERYTHING that is due or that you need to do, then prioritize by figuring out what stuff is due first, etc.  This is all much easier then it sounds, and it will make your college experience much better! Plus it feels SO rewarding to cross things off your list after you accomplished them:)

See ya next week!!