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May 14 / Mohammed Razon

Semester 2 of Year 1 is Over!

120-22 = 98 credits left to go! Leggooo!

Hello All!

I am so glad that my first year of college is over. I finished my last day (exam) on April 26 and have been on my “summer” vacation since. By the way, it doesn’t feel anything like summer right now. The weather took a turn in the wrong direction. I’ll admit, this semester everything went pretty smooth – aside from Biology. BIO1510 w/Lab was the only hard class I had this whole semester. Nonetheless, I passed all of my classes. This includes GPH1100 and PS1010. This was the first semester where I took all Gen-ed and Prereq classes – so I REALLY felt accomplished.

BIO1510 was pretty hard, but it will be nothing like what I will be taking in the fall… BIO2200 (Microbiology w/Lab). I’ll be honest, I havent read a single chapter from my textbooks this whole semester for any of my classes. It’s a bad habit of mine. However, I believe that if I do read and take my time to study, then I can definitely pass. BIO1510 was a prereq for my Dietetics program and it’s lab was also a requirement for my Gen-Ed (which requires 1 lab class). I had the same professor from BIO1050 for 1510, so everything remained consistent and the learning/lecture style was still familiar. BIO1510 was an advanced version of 1050 – we talked about that Mitosis/Meisos stuff, production of ATP (Glycolysis, Chemiosmosis, etc), and Mendelian Genetics. Something new we learned about were  Ligands and Cell Signaling, Photosystems, Proteins/Kinases and that good stuff. I had my labs on Fridays with a few friends. I didnt do so well in lab, but at least I “passed” and got the experience so I know what to expect in future ones. Not many people ever do so well in Labs. Everyone was talking about how mean the Lab Manager was (manages and coordinates ALL labs in the Science Hall building) and I wondered why. They say that she never leaves her office and she practically lives there – they’re exaggerating of course (I hope). She is very curt – replying to people IN PERSON and through email very briefly and in a rude way. But I’m not going to say anymore or believe it as I never have met the woman. Aside from that and the extremely hard lab exams, that’s about it for Lab.

GPH 1100 was pretty weird. The man who taught it was pretty interesting but often went on so many tangents. The class was fairly simple. Come in, sit down, sign in for attendance/participation points, do the handout and leave. Our only homework in that class was to find a current event on the region you are studying and to finish any classwork you haven’t completed yet. Again, SIMPLE. Although, his tests made no sense, as the questions are like (literally): “In 1810: _________________. Choose A…., B…., C…., or D…..”. It’s all from the book, so you have to make sure that you study. It really doesn’t matter what he lectures because he has no PowerPoints or anything. I don’t think he knows his way around PP either, LOL. Anyways, if you study and do your stuff, your fine. GPH1100 counted as a science (I forgot which kind – probably physical science) requirement for my Gen Ed. I passed the first exam with an A, bombed the second, dont know the third and got an A on the Final Binder – giving me a final score of a B. I was satisfied.

PS1010 was the funnest! My high school friends were in that class and distractions came easily. However, distractions or not, it didnt realy matter. I passed with an A, all because of my friends (<3). The professor I had in that class was one of Wayne State’s best. No class on the days he assigns exams, quizzes and papers. No homework – just class participation work. Literally, all you have to do in that class is come in, sign in, and answer any questions he asks throughout lecture and then youre done. All of his exams/quizzes are ONLINE, so you can always have an easy opportunity to pass them. PS1010 was the one American Institution and History requirement I needed to fulfil for my Gen Ed.

I am looking forward to my next semester. I will be taking my last science course! However, I am also thinking of taking Anatomy – just to be on the safe side for any future degrees. My friends are nursing and pharmacy students, so I dont want to lose the opportunity of taking that class with friends. For the next semester, I am registered for BIO2200 w/Lab on Wednesdays and Fridays, COM1010 (Gen Ed requirement), my first Nutrition class –  NFS2030, and PSY2010 (Gen Ed requirement).

I’ll let everyone know how it goes once I’m a few weeks into the semester.
Till then, be happy, healthy and above all – NOURISHED! ^_^

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