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Feb 13 / Mohammed Razon

A Few Weeks into Semester 2

So, it’s been a few weeks into semester 2 and I already have a good vibe about what the outcome will be. This semester, I am taking Biology 1510 with 1510 Lab, Regional Geography 1100, and Political Science 1010. Yes, I did chose the same professor that taught Biology 1050 last year and I still do enjoy her class. I’ll admit, biology is the hardest class I have this semester, but again – like last year, I have joined a learning community that benefits me immensely. Lab on the other hand is also pretty okay. I have it once a week every Friday morning, and we begin with a quiz (which are open notes). However, writing the notes is a pain in the butt, seeing that I end up writing 6 pages of notes for every quiz.

As for GPH-1100 (Regional Geo), that class is pure bull-honkey. Yes, it’s an easy A (or B), but it feels completely pointless. The professor I had (not saying names) is a little old and lives to tell all the stories of places he’s been to and whatnot. He goes on so many tangents, it’s not even funny. However, I have an A in that class and I’m not trying, so I can’t complain. The only reason why Im taking it is because I needed to take a 4 credit class and to cross a science off of my general education requirements. Political Science 1010 is an easy A, too. All the tests and quizzes are online and there is no class for those days that the assessments are released. I have many of my high school friends in that class, so it’s pretty enjoyable.

As you may have already guessed, I am only taking 3 classes and a lab, adding up to 12 credits this semester. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. I planned out my schedule very smart, so that I wont have any exams or quizzes consecutively on the same day. GPH-1100 has tests on Mondays, usually, and BIO-1510 is always on a Wednesday. BIO-1510 Lab Exams and quizzes are always on a Friday.

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