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Nov 23 / renee

Get Lost



(image / text source: bri emery)

we all get burnt out. [freelance] life is go go go. and then go some more. and certain mornings, you just don’t feel like going anymore at all. there will be days (maybe even weeks) where i feel a lost, tired and uninspired. i’m sure you know the feeling i’m talking about. but one thing i’ve noticed, is the inspiration always comes back if it’s something you love. and i truly do love graphic design. i know this because i notice the typography on the side of the street, on the menus where i am eating lunch… and then that design bug shows it’s face once again.

so go ahead, get lost. get burnt out. it’s fine, it will be back soon enough.


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  1. Akyaka / Jan 5 2017

    Thanks a lot for this post!

  2. Popüler Cevap / Jan 2 2017

    Thank you for great article.

  3. laminecam / Oct 23 2016
  4. lamine cam / Oct 23 2016
  5. Maryvi Nguyen / Dec 1 2013

    I started working on some homework and I felt a little lost and disconnected so I decided to get some commenting done and to touch up my blog. When I ran past this post, the first thing I read was “so go ahead, get lost. get burnt out. it’s fine, it will be back soon enough.” That’s so inspiring. I can relate to you so much through this post. There are days where I feel lost and I am not sure where my life is heading to and I lose hope but I’ll wander a book store or go on an adventure and one thing as simple as a book cover or writing in a bathroom stall and some sort of inspiration hits me. Thanks for posting this. It’s my favorite post so far.

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