The Email Generation Gap, Again

One of the topics that pops up periodically on university campuses is whether students use email. Within the university IT community it revolves around whether universities should continue offering email addresses to their students, since most students arrive with at least one email address in use.
Yesterday’s New York Times has an article in the ‘lifestyle’ section arguing that students ‘never’ read their email. I myself have not found this to be true – it seems to be their preferred method for dealing with ‘the man’ (taking myself as representing ‘authority’ in all its glory). But, as they say on the web, YMMV1.

Any thoughts anyone reading this might have would be appreciated – feel free to comment…

1 ‘Your mileage may vary’

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  1. A university email address for students is something many students can benefit from. In applying for a job, an at-university-dot-edu address confirms for prospective employers that the student is indeed enrolled at the university listed on their resume. It saves the employer the trouble of confirming that the student is enrolled or has attended said university.

    As a current Wayne student, I also use my Wayne email address when contacting fellow students, faculty, and scholars in my discipline outside the university. The at-university-dot-edu address is also required for some online services that require users to be somehow affiliated with a university; I’ve been turned down for access to some resources for scholars with my Yahoo address, only to be granted access after providing my at-Wayne-edu address.

    It is an offering to students (and employees) that costs next to nothing to offer. I know of some institutions of post-K-12 learning that don’t offer email addresses to students, but it is something that all institutions of post-K-12 learning should offer (or continue to offer) students.

    No employer, and no scholar in my discipline, is going to take seriously an email sent from unclejocko-at-whatever-dot-com. It’s a good thing I have that at-Wayne-dot-edu email for stuff like collaborating with peers and getting a job.

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