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Mar 20 / Geoffrey Nathan

Bruce Schneier says 1984 is already here

Bruce Schneier is a well-known security guru. He started out as a specialist in computer-based encryption, wrote a book for non-computer scientists about how public-key encryption worked, then became interested in the whole notion of security, both computer-based and physical, and finally, has just published a book on how society manages bad actors–in fact, how it defines them in the first place. I’ve met him a few times (he gave a talk here a few years ago) and I’m going to write a review of his latest book here in a few weeks.

But last week he had a scary article (CNN website) about how we’re already living in the surveillance state depicted in Orwell’s 1984  that I think everyone should read, so I’m (kinda) retweeting it


As always, any thoughts would be appreciated.



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  1. a reader / Apr 3 2013

    There’s even google tracking code on this page, around line 150… I assume CIT put it there, will they share the data with you if you ask, or is it one of those things you have to carry but can’t use?

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