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Nov 21 / WSU Pre-Health

Motivation Essentials

Staying motivated is nothing short of listening to your inner self.  Self-inflicted stress, anxiety and pressure amount so much faster when you are attempting to perfect yourself as a model and prime candidate for professional school.  Going day by day without stopping; stopping to breathe, think, and make most of company around you of those whom love and support you unconditionally leads to nothing short of a spiral into despair, anger and burnout.  The constant living in the future, ruminating on the past and neglecting the present in an attempt to do such leads to a sudden slap in the face with reality and a degradation of your motivation.

You see it is so easy to entwine ourselves within work and life, we forget to think and listen to ourselves. We focus outwardly on a daily basis, listening and learning from others about the world around us and ourselves.  While this is a necessity and the epitome of learning, overdoing this process will do nothing more than force you to lose motivation and become irritable.  Such issues, if not dealt with during the day will manifest in your dreams and sleep when your brain is attempting to sort through all of the gunk and jumbled feelings and ideas.  The result of these manifestations is an irritable and exhausted you in the morning, which only contributes to the stress and anxiety.

So how do I go about restoring my motivation and inner happiness you may ask?  The answer begins with listening to your body and mind.  You have to make time for yourself to relax and ask yourself: “What am I concerned or worried about?  How am I feeling?  What am I going to do about it?” The most important thing to remember however is to follow through with the last question “what am I going to do about it?”. If you no longer feel motivated or are near the burnout mark, yet don’t plan to change anything about it you are doing nothing good for your body and mind. You absolutely must make some adjustments, no matter how large or small to make yourself happier. It is only after you ask and act upon these questions you can move forward.

The second step is living in the present. By this, I simply mean not constantly thinking into the future and planning 24/7, as many of us tend to do. Make the most out of your time and seize every opportunity you can to spend time with those who are there for you no matter what circumstances. Allow yourself to stop planning and go spend time with family and friends without worry about time constraints, formalities and more. Every now and then, you need to free yourself to be able to live in the present, which includes being freed from your own mind.

The third step is establishing a support-network of friends. This network can provide experiences and insight for what appears to be plaguing your mind and provide you with an escape from everything around you.

So, what should I take away from this? The answer is this; if you can listen to yourself, find a balance between work, play, and can enjoy life in the present with those around you who care about you immensely, certainly, you will be happier. That happiness, balance, and motivation will shine through during interviews making you a prime and model candidate for professional schools. Remember no one should have to go through anything alone.

Dedication: I would like to thank Cristian, Emily and Lisa for supporting me and helping to restore my motivation.


– Michael Vargo

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