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Oct 2 / WSU Pre-Health


Welcome to The Student Side!

Ran by the Pre-Health advising center, this blog is dedicated to all students who are currently working on their Pre-Medicine academic pathway. Whether you are taking your first Biology class, participating in undergraduate research, studying for the MCAT, or completing applications, we have a broad span of students ranging from undergraduate freshman to first  year medical students here to share their experiences, road blocks, and pit falls with you. In fact, these bloggers are here to tell you:

  • What worked and what didn’t work as far as academics
  • How they balanced school, a job, being in a student organization, and still managing to have a social life
  • How they picked up the pieces after failing a class
  • What it’s really like to study and take the MCAT
  • And much more!

With that being said, take a moment out of your day to read these experiences from your peers.  This blog is completely written by students, for students so chances are you’ve had similar circumstances or are currently going through similar life challenges. No matter what, you are not alone in the challenges you face being a Pre-Med student and our goal is to express that with you by sharing the stories of each of these individuals.

Happy reading!!

– Deanna English

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