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Oct 2 / WSU Pre-Health

From Wayne State to the World

As a child I would lay in the grass on my stomach and try to find the smallest thing I could see. I would examine a pinch-full of dirt and would try to have only one particle resting in the palm of my hand. I thought I was extraordinary; the human race was extraordinary and complex and large! When I learned that Earth is not the only planet in the Milky Way and that the Milky Way is not the only galaxy in the universe, I realized I was no larger than that lone grain of sand.

I wanted to learn more about what makes a flower a flower and not an elephant; I wanted to learn how it could be possible that a few cells could make a tissue and how a few tissues could make an organ and how a few organs could make an organism. What makes a sack of organs a person? How valuable is a human life, and how can I increase the value of an individual’s life? That’s when I knew I wanted to study biology.

Fast forwarding through middle school and high school, I now find myself a freshman at Wayne State University. As a student in the Irvin D. Reid Honors College in the pre-med program, I find myself in the position to not only study the subject I love, but also to be open to opportunities to use my knowledge to benefit others in the city I love.

I am currently exploring my options of volunteering at one of the many hospitals and healthcare providing facilities that are literally all around me as a citizen of Midtown, Detroit. The simplicity with which I can find opportunities to directly help people is astounding as serves as a testament to how much work is to be done before we can collectively reclaim our mark as an incredible American and global city.

Studying at Wayne State has also given me the opportunity to explore some areas of study which I was unable to explore in high school. I am taking a gender, sexuality, and women’s studies course as well as calculus 1. I love this freedom to study what I want to study – a freedom and luxury I did not have before studying at Wayne State. This fall I hope to become a more involved citizen of Detroit (and thus the world as Dean Herron would say) and get connected with my fellow classmates and Detroiters to improve the city and ourselves.

Whether it’s being a dancing and singing blood drop for the American Red Cross or the ultimate champion at rock paper scissors, I am so elated to make my mark on Wayne State University and make my community and myself proud. I’ve come a long way from philosophizing on particles of dirt in my backyard, and I can’t wait to see what extraordinary feats we can accomplish together in the near future.

Go Warriors!

– Michelle

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  1. Kelly Driscoll / Oct 9 2013

    We are proud of you, Michelle! Good luck

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