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Oct 11 / Natalie Frakes

Natalie 1100

Hello there!

This is an the beginning of an amazing blog-about-Wayne adventure! I’m super excited to tell you all about my experiences at Wayne and what the future has to hold!

Currently, I’m a “super senior” living the higher education dream at Wayne! I am now majoring in Instrumental Music Education after a couple years of pursuing a double-major in music and pre-med. I became an intern for the String Project@Wayne in which I taught violin, and decided that I had to become a music teacher – I loved it too much! The decision was definitely the right one for me… Before it, I felt like a walking anomaly, trying to split my time between two different worlds.

After a year of commuting, and really trying to settle into things, I also decided that living near campus would be a better option. I found an apartment right behind Old Main, where the majority of my classes are held, and I have been in the area since! I no longer have to worry about logistics (i.e., traffic, carpooling, etc.) – living near campus has allowed me to become more involved at Wayne and in Detroit, as well.

I’m originally from Dearborn, which is about 15 minutes away from Wayne, so I’m in no way unfamiliar with the Detroit area or Wayne’s campus. In high school, I originally planned to pursue medicine, hence my enrollment at the Dearborn Center for Math, Science, and Technology. Entering senior year, I applied to an array of Michigan schools and even some out-of-state. I remember choosing Wayne because of a right-off-the-bat feeling of being welcomed…

My first experience at Wayne was my violin audition. I remember getting lost in the maze of Old Main, which I compare to the likes of Hogwarts with moving staircases and secret doorways. I remember warming up in an office on the second floor and, oddly enough, meeting a girl that I eventually became very good friends with. The actual audition was in the Langsford Room, where I have had several classes, and that’s where I met Dr. Laura Roelofs and Kypros Markou. Both of them made the audition process painless and enjoyable for me – something I cannot say for the other schools…

I know, I can be narcissistic at times. Enough about me, me, me! The point of me being here is to blog about Wayne: academics, history, extracurricular activities, students, and more!

Expect more soon!

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  1. Kelly Driscoll / Oct 11 2013

    Love it!

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