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Finals Week and my semester

Finally! The semester is over! One of the greatest feelings is when the semester comes to an end. This semester for me was so hectic. As a department we hit the ground running with this semester. I have seriously been on the go this whole semester; everything feels like a blur. Last year, I feel like it went by slowly, I was kind of waiting for it to end. I do not wish it went any faster though because if it was any slower, then it really would have been way too much for me to handle.

One thing that I really did not like about this semester was my english professor. The class was fine. I mean it, I really did enjoy the things we read and the conversation was not bad either. The only thing was his organization. First, we did not get our papers back in time. It was kind of concerning because we did not know what we needed to improve on. Here is an example, when we had turned in our 3rd paper, we had only gotten back our first. By the end of the semester, we had only received 2 out of our 4 papers back. Also, there was not a grade posted on Blackboard the whole semester. Going into finals week without knowing my grade was sort of frustrating. You know how everyone does that calculation to find out the worst grade they can get on their finals and still have a decent grade in the class? Well I couldn’t do that. Overall, it was a frustrating semester in english. Now, I am not trying to bash anybody which is why I have not shared my professors name. I write this to just tell you that you should definitely do your research before signing up for classes so you don’t get stuck with a poor, unorganized teacher. Especially if you are taking a Gen Ed. The worst is getting a poor teacher for a class you already don’t want to take. So just know, always do your research.

Peace out,


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Posted by Lydia Di Iorio on December 22, 2013

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