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Sep 30 / Lashunti Williams

Project 1 Debrief

To begin with, at the start of my freshman year in college and being in English 1020 I though I had everything all figured out. Because I took English 1010, I had already had an idea about what would most likely take place in English 1020. Although, I was successful in English 1010, English 1020 was slightly different. At the start of the class we began to read the Wayne Writer and listen to lectures on Echo system and took quizzes on what we had learned, but that was a struggle for me because I did not do so well on any of the quizzes that we took. I felt down, like I wanted to give up, but I know I could not. Than, our instructor introduced project one and I felt a little bit better because instead of taking quizzes we had an actual writing assignment and I believed that this would give me a chance to prove to myself and to the instructor that I am capable of being successful in this class. In my opinion, project on was a success for me because I believe that I followed the criteria the best way I could and I did very well. I do not believe project one was a struggle because of all the time we spent in class going over the different article and the assistance from our instructor really helped me. Although, I did not do to much participating in class I did comprehend what was going on and I think it showed in my work. Completing project one was a great feeling because I was anxious to know my grade; I put so much time into doing from creating a rough draft with no information how about how to do it, to finding articles comparing them to each other to understand the format and sharing my ideas with other students brainstorming and completing it and submitting it and I believe it was all worth it and an overall success.

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  1. Thomas Trimble / Oct 8 2013

    La’Shunti, I don’t know why I can’t comment on your genre analysis worksheet so I’m putting the comment here. You did an ok job on the worksheet although on a couple of questions it seems like you were a little fuzzy on the concept. The question about organization is one of the questions I’m concerned about. Let’s go over this in one of our weekly meetings. 21/25

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