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Sep 13 / Lashunti Williams

Worksheet – HW

Worksheet One

1. What are the URL for the three reviews you analyzed?

2. Make a list of the different grammatical subjects used throughout the examples based on your list, describe the content of the genre. The content of the genre based upon my three examples I reviewed is to persuade and evaluate.

3. What seems to be the purpose of the reviews you gathered? Is there a pattern in what the writers are trying to accomplish? I believe that the purpose of the reviews are to evaluate the movies and inform the readers on what they can expect from a professional perspective. Yes, there are many similarities in the patterns that the authors accomplished such as description and evaluation.

4. How are the reviews organized from paragraph to paragraph? How are they organized within individual paragraphs? Is there a pattern? As I went over the three different reviews I noticed that all the reviews had the same kind of format, and each paragraph have the same amount of space in between them and each paragraph does not have no definite alignment. Last but not least the titles are all left aligned.

5. How does writers of reviews use the language to accomplish their goals? Are reviews funny? Serious? Mean? What are the similarities and differences across the examples? The authors of these reviews use appropriate and formal language. There was a bit of a mix up across the three examples one seem to be mean and serious about the others was funny and exciting.

6. Based on your analysis, how flexible is the movie review genre? Is this kind of writing with lots of rules or do writers seem to have a lot of flexibility? What seem to be the rules for writing movie reviews for the New York Times? In my opinion writing a movie review for the New York Times has many rules such as formal writing and the format that each author used in their review. Each review that I found had bold titles.

7. What other things did you notice that is not included in the questions listed above?Each author did not use too much of their own thoughts about the movie just rather or not the movie followed a criteria depending on what the function or genre of the movie.

8. Based on your analysis, make a list of at least four specific changes you’re planning to make in your draft for the final version. Based on my analysis some things I would change about my movie review would be to remember the format and writing pattern that they used. Also, I will remember not to put my perspective in so much. .