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Getting on Track…

Two down …two to go. Yes, the semester is almost over. Personally, this year has been the hardest one yet. Trying to balance my full time job, heavy studio class loads, managing a student org and looking for a job after graduation has really taken a toll.   Everyone says that Senior year is the worst yet best year and every year I hear about how not to get caught up in the after because you have to get there first.  After hearing that advice, I somehow managed to fall victim and got stuck pursuing the after.  

 You hear all the great things about school but rarely do you hear about the stories of students needing help. Needing help managing time or with the workload is something no one wants to admit or talk about for that matter.  But it’s a real problem and real students have that problem.  I’m a president of my student org and a delegate and I will admit to having that problem balancing school and work.

It doesn’t make me less of a person and it won’t make you less of one either. I’m writing this to help others before it’s too late for them. I’m here to tell you that Wayne State understands that we need a little guidance and they have programs for people who needs a little help getting back on track.

One of the ways of getting back on track is going to see your advisor. I know it seems cliché but going to see them do help.  They help you see your end game and work with you to better plan next semesters or offering advice.  Another person you should talk to is a success coach.  To be honest, I have no idea if all colleges have one but CFPCA does.  Ali, our success coach, is there to help us get back on track.  It’s nice to have someone to help us get a plan to be back on the right track.  Attached is a pdf that helps students get back on track.

Remember it is perfectly okay to need help. However, it is not okay to need help and don’t say anything.



Posted by Khadijah King on February 28, 2017

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