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Q: Would the reaction of the arctic ice cap melting be an exothermic or endothermic reaction?

my A: I think overall it would have to be an endothermic reaction with a positive ∆H, an increase in enthalpy and entropy requires heat energy and that heat energy can only be taken from the system, What could that hold for the environment as it is a part of the same ecosystem as the giant block of ice is melted. Could there be colder winters as the environment tries to compensate for the equilibrium stress, leaving patches of hot and cold areas, and could those patches be predicted by utilizing rates of diffusion, and like, Could LaChatelier be turning in his grave at this very moment?

Some time global warming, and green house effect, sound like something nice, like a big cheezburger in the sky turning like a wheel, dripping oil in to the ocean. But its actually really serious!, The temperature in the arctic fluctuates only by ten 10º and at or around -10*C, only 10º from melting,

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Posted by karnei on December 25, 2010

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