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Calculus – What is a derivative

A derivative in calculus in my opinion is a simplification of a function, in most basic words. where a function is a complex mechanism, a derivative is a less complex, ( in concept ), a derivative derives a value from a function, that value is usually a basic aspect of that initial function, such as a value of slope at a specific point of the original function.

For example if a function is a simple curve of x^2 then the slope of x^2 is 2x at any point on that curve.
2x is a derivative of x^2 and then 2 is a derivative of 2x.
So then where 2 is the slope (2x) of the slope of the function  (x^2)

Deriving at an answer to me is like checking in with the supply chain, to see how things are going, or calling up a battle ship and asking which way its going at this time.

and if an Integral is the opposite of a derivative then the cargo ship is calling me up to see how everybody else is doing, as well as its self.

… maybe ???

Posted by karnei on December 24, 2010

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