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Dec 12 / Halie Mcintosh

Project 5: Paste Up Book

This post is dedicated to all my blood, sweat, and tears…   To begin, this was by far the most challenging assignment I have had for this class. Book design is never something I have considered in the past. So, when presented with the idea, I was less than thrilled. When I found out all of the intricate steps involved in the process I was even more intimidated. After spending some time laying out what I thought a book should look like I was not satisfied with my initial ideas.

Initial Attempt:

first attempt

When I printed out the page I had designed, I was not happy with the typesetting. In addition, I hated the bullet points. Even more than that, I felt that it was boring, kind of like a textbook. I would have never figured that out had I not printed it out and critiqued it, but it was awful.

The next step was to find some inspiration….I obviously wasn’t going to come up with an idea on my own. For some reason I thought intuition would kick in at some point and I ruled out looking up examples all together. Why that is, I couldn’t tell you. But, I knew I needed to identify my style as a book designer and develop my project around that. These are the examples I found myself most drawn to. A minimal, clean look. I like that most of these examples have body copy that is set off to the side or in an unexpected location.


d513295737b1c64c58292c6c3e607eb7 R4 the_master_builder_5_0R3

After looking at these examples I felt MUCH more enthusiasm. I was ready to design!

These are examples from pages from my final book:

table of contents type i lovefont mannerisms font mann 2 paste bookpaste book pg 2

I am very pleased with the finished result. If I could change anything it would be the most common response I got from other students. I would have eliminated the “paste up” element of the book altogether. If I had it my way, taking this step out would have allowed me more time and freedom to play around more with my layout. I feel that for this project the added steps limited the amount of time I allowed my self for focusing on being creative and thinking outside of the box. Maybe in the future I will revisit it and give it another shot.