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Nov 17 / Halie Mcintosh

Project 4: Constrained Systems



In this project, the goal was to design a typeface that communicates or insinuates a specific word and/or it’s associated connotations. The words I was assigned were “Conspicuous” and “Modification”. The project was broken down into three steps. The first, I collected images that communicated the idea of modification or conspicuous. The second step was to mind map or brainstorm all the connotations I could come up with for each word. The third and final step was to either sketch by hand or use the computer to execute examples of typefaces I’ve designed to communicate the words.




First step: Locate images that convey each word.


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Second Step: Mind map/brainstorm each word and it’s connotations


Initial Brainstorm


 More Organized Approach



Initial Brainstorm


More Organized Approach


Step 3: Sketch our ideas for each word using computer or pencil and paper





conspicuous 3 examples

Final Designs

final modification final conspicuous


  1. Lacey / Nov 29 2013

    I like the fact that you actually take time to look deeper into your projects. I really like step 3 where you actually show your process and the different options you were considering. I know from working with you on project 1 that you put a lot of time and thought into your decisions and that you like to look at things from a perspective that others wouldn’t. Great Job on your work.

  2. Jameel Bajjey / Nov 19 2013

    You definitely spent a lot of time thinking through every individual part. I like the whole process you have listed here. I also enjoyed seeing different versions of the same words that I had. You did a great job!

  3. Emilio Cardiel / Nov 17 2013

    I like being able to see the the complete thought process from beginning to end. I especially like being able to see the many different iterations of each letter. It’s apparent that you spent a lot of time experimenting and I’m sure that will come through in the final product.

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