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Oct 22 / Halie Mcintosh

Charette 2

In this Charette we had to use the same items as before (our hand, our initials, and the words “graphic design”) in addition to arranging the composition according to the typographic layouts: axial, biaxial, modular, grid, transitional, random, dilatational, and radial.

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These were some more simplified examples of the layouts:

1           2

One Comment

  1. Ivona Sopic / Oct 22 2013

    All of the charettes seem very well planned out. They’re all pretty clean and simple, and look great.
    The Transitional one & Grid I feel like are the strongest pieces in my opinion. The fact that your grid doesn’t use expected squares, rather you’re incorporating triangles to lead the viewed the the center which works very well.
    The only one that I would have to say anything about is random, doesn’t feel so random to me… You’re using the techniques that are typically enforced for a random composition, but for some reason it does come off slightly transitional and organized in a sense.

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