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Sep 4 / Halie Mcintosh

Project 1; Scavenger Hunt

Project 1 Notes:

Team Assignment: Find type forms that exhibit geometric shapes
Our thoughts: Playgrounds will be the theme. Look for shapes made from man made materials. Photos should be taken where the “Letter” fills the entire frame of the camera.
Other notes discussed 09/04/2013:
hard/blunt edges
geometric shapes
play ground equipment and peripheral area
don’t forget symbols
have picture take up entire frame
upper case letters
use simple geometric shapes as guidelines for letterforms


The next thing I did was to look up examples of Geometric Type that has been designed by other artists.  This helped me to see if the description my group put together was reflected in geometric type that is currently being utilized.

images-1      images-2

LoganDufrn-Geotype-2012     84d0a0af473d474c332906b97b52026b


Here is my set of letters that I contributed to the group….



 As a group, this is what we came up with…



The process for this project was interesting. At first we thought it was going to be a lot more literal, but it was interesting to see the direction it took. The whole group agreed to take pictures of the entire alphabet and the symbols so we had options to choose from.  Through the process of sorting through all the letters we were able to articulate a little more clearly what exactly we were looking for.

To clarify what I mean…here are some of the ideas we tossed around for the cover page.

Geometric Letterforms

By Illaysa Clark, Halie Mcintosh, Brian Camilleri and Jameel Bajjey

Our group had the subject of Geometric Letterforms. At first, we simply characterized this type style as having solid form and sharing basic geometrical properties.  We began by taking a look at basic geometric shapes to brainstorm on what we should be looking for.  We came across your typical sphere, cylinder, and surprisingly a helix which gave us a whole new perspective on what we were aiming for.

Our main goal was to capture the essence of a geometrical shape without having to adhere to the term “geometric” in a literal sense.  We printed out samples of common geometric shapes (i.e. cone, sphere, helix, pyramid, etc.) and drew inspiration from the shapes fundamental nature.  We found that most of what we were looking for exhibited similar qualities we expected such as lines, symmetry, or hard/blunt edges.  Having reviewed the shapes before shooting our images, we began to notice other terminology that helped to guide us in our photo shoot; strength, durability, sensibility, or reliability.  We were able to focus not only on what we expected to see when approaching the idea of a geometric letterform, but also how to identify how such form makes you feel.

As a group, we feel that we were successful in captureing the idea of geometric letterforms.  We are able to describe all of our letters as having geometric shape and representing some of our other descriptive words.  All in all, we feel that our typeface is playful and fun while continuing to exhibit the necessary qualities to define it as geometric in form.