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Feb 4 / Travis Larzelere

Salvador Dali




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  1. Travis Larzelere / Apr 19 2014

    Thank you for the link Allison! Also no I have never been there. 🙁 unfortunately I haven’t had the time or funds to travel much in my life, but I hope to one day visit many places. I am really inspired by surrealist work such as Dali’s, I think involving the viewer within the interpretation of a work, forcing them to think for that one extra minute, can create a pleasurable experience and maybe even provoke a new thought process.

  2. Allibanana / Apr 16 2014

    Hmm. looks like the link to this image has been broken 🙁 Let’s assume it’s the melting clocks picture or the crazy pic of Dali with his mustache curled upward 🙂

    I visited the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersberg, Florida a few years ago – have you ever been there? There was an installation that took an entire wall that from far away, looked like a pixelated or even 8-bit Abraham Lincoln face. But on further inspection was a painting of a woman in the nude. You had to stand about 70 feet away to see Lincoln. Very cool stuff. The reason I bring this up is that you seem very in-tune with hidden meanings of images. Your fictional letterforms look like letterforms that wrap around each other and your constrained systems research is very thorough. I look forward to your other work.

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