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Mar 7 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Method and Thumbnails

Screenshot (4)Screenshot (3)  Screenshot (5) Screenshot (13)

To start my process I searched the basic definitions of the two words I had chosen, “magnification” and “oppression”, then wrote them down. Afterwards I brainstormed a list of descriptive words, feelings, and associations that I felt embodied each word. Before I began exploring the modules, I selected images that visually portrayed the words or evoked the emotions and feelings I associated with the words based on the previous definition and brainstorm. While I searched for the images I looked for examples that depicted the word physically, visually, literally, emotionally, and mentally. I then used all of this information and began my thumbnails, basing the compositions off of the words, the connotations, and the images I came up with and relating them in some fashion.


These are the resulting modules




Feb 28 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Research (Oppressive & Magnification)

cancer_1544969c Algae_in_Scanning_Electron_Microscope,_magnification_1000x micro1 NGC_6302_Hubble_2009.full PhilcUK-1274438506

Feb 28 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Research (Magnification)

Magnification – the action or process of magnifying something or being magnified, esp. visually.
Brainstorm: blowing up, enlarging, more legible, negative space, between the lines, hidden aspects, not visible to the eye, pixelated

inkjtp02 magnified text-c84 Image-Metal_Foam_in_Scanning_Electron_Microscope,_magnification_10x_b Algae_in_Scanning_Electron_Microscope,_magnification_1000x


Feb 28 / Travis Larzelere

Constrained Systems: Research (Oppressive)

Oppressive – unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint, especially on a minority or other subordinate group.
Brainstorm: harsh cruel, brutal, repressive, sharp, bold, overwhelming, heavy, claustrophobic, compressed, hierarchy, war, dictatorship, restraints, controlling


oppression in history

#47 dry lakebed

oppressive in nature


sense of oppressed



oppressive in composition


physically oppressed


communicating oppressive


physically oppressive


oppressive in nature 2


symbolically oppressive

Demonstration in Taksim square and Gezi Park Students protest in central London on 21 November 2012. russian-fm-lavrov-protests-in-ukraine-are-spinning-out-of-control



Feb 22 / Travis Larzelere

Fictional Letterforms: ITC New Baskerville (part 2)


Screenshot (8)

Vectorization of details

Screenshot (6)

New letter forms assembled and compared to the rest of alphabet

finalization of new letter forms (below)


Roman “x” and Italic “z”


Roman “a” and Italic “k” #1


Roman “a” and Italic “k” #2


Roman “a” and Italic “k” #3


Roman “k” and Italic “z”


Roman “a” and Roman “h”


Roman “g” and Roman “a”


Italic “k” and Italic “h”


Roman “x” and Italic “e”


Roman “l,h,k” and Roman “g”

This is the final letter form I settled on it is pronounced “whoooo” like “cool wHHip” not “cool whip” with extra emphasis on the “H”. It sounds like wind blowing through the trees and is placed between the “i” and “h” in the ITC New Baskerville alphabet.



placement of “whoooo”


Feb 13 / Travis Larzelere

Fictional Letterforms: ITC New Baskerville (part 1)

ITC New Baskerville (Roman and Italic)

Scan_20140309 (3) Scan_20140309 (4) Scan_20140309 (5)

Here are some details I found to be unique to the New Baskerville Roman and Italic font styles. These will be used to create new letter form within the typeface by combining two of them. Using tracing paper I made several Iterations from the thumbnails (seen below). While working on these new letter forms I tried to capture the fluidity, but at the same time the structure I seen within New Baskerville.

Scan_20140309 Scan_20140309 (2)

After several iterations I refined these new letter forms and transferred them to thumbnails which allowed for a better visual. They are now ready for vectorization and I will post the update next week.

Scan_20140309 (6) Scan_20140309 (7) Scan_20140309 (8)


Feb 7 / Travis Larzelere

Font Mannerisms: Gill Sans

Visual Analysis: Anatomy of Type

project 2 C-01During this exploration of the typeface I chose my 8 descriptive adjectives. I Chose the words “clean” and “plumb” then mapped out and labeled the different parts of the anatomy that were present within the two words.

project 2 D-04 project 2 D-03 project 2 D-02 project 2 D-01

A lot of people when looking at  Sans serif typefaces think they are boring or all look the same, but after working with Gill Sans for awhile you start to notice little nuances that set it apart from other sans serif typefaces, who each all have their own characteristics. The images above are exploration of a few of the characteristics of Gill Sans.

project 2 E-02 project 2 E-01

This is more exploration of the adjectives chosen to describe the typeface. Here I attempted to visually project the idea of the chosen words using Gill Sans.

Feb 4 / Travis Larzelere

Salvador Dali