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Jun 20 / Carmen Gamlin

Job Seekers Need to be Wise About Good Staffing Agencies Versus On-line Scams

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WSU Warriors in job search should be savvy in marketing themselves to employers in order to secure positions. In addition a job seeker needs to be savvy in knowing the schemes that non-legitimate companies used to steel identities and money. An application and a resume is more than enough information to steel identity. So what should a wise Warrior do?

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  1. The first step in job search is to have a complete profile on Wayne State University’s CSO, Career Services Online . Employers are screened by Career Services staff and are specifically seeking Wayne State University student and alumni talent. In addition to Wayne State jobs, you can access and from the CSO system.
  2. Engineering majors should next go the College of Engineering Blog where jobs, events and articles are posted for WSU Engineering students and Alumni. Some are you are reading this from the blog and others only access the Facebook or Twitter feeds. A full picture of job opportunities that are coming for WSU Engineering is to review both CSO and the College of Engineering Career blog.
  3. Other Schools and Colleges have resources such as the School of Business’ Career Planning and Placement or A key Faculty or Staff member that networks on behalf of the student.
  4. Many WSU Warriors will be wise and use third party employers/staffing agencies to secure jobs in industry. This is especially true for many of our International students studing here in the USA from Canada and numerous other countries. Third party employers such as G-Tech, Reliance One, Aerotek, and Kelly Services, come to WSU Career Fairs and are great partners in connecting WSU Talent to opportunities. Many have been featured on this blog with the Recruiter contact. Having a Recruiter to work with in addition to your own job search is a good choice.


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Since applying to jobs almost always involves some form of online application & networking, it is smart to know how to spot illegitimate employers. This Guide to Scams and Schemes in the Work and Employment Services from the Riley Guide is thorough and a good way to start a foundation for a job seeker. Take a moment to read it or book mark it for later. It is a good resource,

Riley Guide

If you are a WSU Engineering Warrior and question a company that has contacted you then please schedule an in office or phone meeting so that we can review this opportunity.  It is always better to be safe than sorry. I can be reached at or 313 577 8336,

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