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May 14 / Carmen Gamlin

Meritor Seeks WSU Undergraduate Engineering Students for Summer Intern/Co-op Positions



Hello WSU Engineers!

If you are seeking a summer 2014 Internship or Co-op position with a company with a long history of success, Meritor may be just what you are looking for.  Headquartered in Troy, Mich., U.S., Meritor is a leading global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking and aftermarket solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial markets. With more than a 100-year legacy of providing innovative products that offer superior performance, efficiency and reliability, the company serves commercial truck, trailer, defense, specialty and aftermarket customers around the world.

Meritor is seeking summer co-op/interns for Summer 2014!

Key Experiences to Have During Entire Co-Op/Intern Assignment

  • Understanding of Microsoft Excel/PLM/SAP and Daptiv systems
  • Working in engineering setting and learning about change management
  • Working with engineering and key customer managers

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 Read more about Meritor’s Internships and Co-op Program at


Potential Projects     

  • Clean up PLM Portal notifications by reviewing and creating affected parts lists and sales history and providing to appropriate business units
  • Aid with PLM and SAP part number clean up


Work Semester Goals

  • Learn SAP, PLM and Daptiv Systems and change management processes
  • Identify opportunities for streamlining portal change notification processing

Roles and Responsibilities (day-to-day tasks)

  • Log all portal notifications received in the last 6 months – year that has not been logged and process the changes
  • Review portal legacy log and process those that have been logged but not processed
  • Support Product Change Analysts with current running changes
  • Work with engineering and KCMs to determine which part numbers are candidates for obsolescence in SAP and manage project for clean-up
  •  Aid designers in PLM clean-up efforts

 Training to Acquire

  •  SAP, PLM and Dapti


How to Apply?

Send your resume by email to by Friday, May 16th at 5:00 pm and I will forward it to Meritor’s Program Manager – University Relations & Lean Implementation.


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