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Apr 1 / Carmen Gamlin

Today is the Career Expo from 1-4 in McGregor. It is a great time to be a WSU Warrior!

Today we will have numerous employers in McGregor

seeking WSU talent for entry level positions, internships and co-ops.


Come dressed for success with your resumes in hand to market yourself.

You will need to introduce yourself to a recruiter in a brief pitch ( commercial) that highlights your major, skills and goal. Here is an example:

Hello, I am Carmen. I am a sophomore computer science major who has been developing my surveying and design skills in projects and labs. General Motors has always been a company that I have admired however I  am very interested in learning more about the IT positions.  I am looking for an internship. May I provide you with my resume in hopes of getting an interview to discuss this more?

Generally, after you introduce yourself a brief conversation can begin.

Before you go to the next employer make sure you write down:

  • Was there a position title that you were directed to?
  • Were you given instructions for next steps?
  • Did you get the name of the recruiter so that you can connect with them on LinkedIn and thank them for their time at the Career Expo?

After the end of the Career Expo, you should organize your notes that you took after seeing each employer.  You want to make sure that they are clear and can be translated into an action plan.

There are no reference sheets, applications or cover letters at career fairs.  There are just resumes and your pitch.

Good luck Warriors! I will see you at the Career Expo in McGregor.


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