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Oct 9 / Carmen Gamlin

Cleveland-Based Start-up is Seeking Web Programmers for a 3-4 Month Project.

Internship Opportunity:

Cleveland based start-up is seeking web programmers for a three to four month project.  This Cleveland based start-up is currently being considered for funding by a reputable angel investment firm.


We are looking for two programmers to work on a team to develop a consumer facing website by end of year (No later than February 2014). We estimate this to be a three to four month part time (30 hours/ week) paid internship. The team members will need to be strong in JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. Front-end/back-end specializations are acceptable.

Interns will learn how to do software on a real project; guidance will be provided by a senior developer in selection of frameworks, architecture, and code reviews. Interns can also expect to increase their familiarity with agile software engineering methodologies, modern version control, Linux server best practices, and web scaling.

Interns will be expected to log hours and work accomplished on a regular basis for review. A web tool like FreshBooks or Tick Spot will be used. There will be at least one weekly stand up meeting (Sunday nights). Interns may work virtually but we expect them to operate effectively as a team.


Looking for:

  • Responsive design/CSS
  • JavaScript, jQuery familiarity preferred
  • Object-oriented PHP development
  • CodeIgniter or Laravel framework familiarity preferred
  • Linux familiarity preferred
  • Version control with SVN, GIT, or Mercurial (HG) preferred
  • MySQL database experience preferred

Must be currently enrolled in a computer science program or recently graduated within the last 18 months (Official Transcripts must be available upon request)

Compensation will be paid bi-weekly at the rate of $20/hr, maximum 120 hours/month.


Any interested candidates please call (734) 389-4376.

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