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Sep 11 / Carmen Gamlin

Fall 2013 Packing Project for Industrial and Systems Engineering Student

A WSU Industrial and Systems Engineering student interested in gaining real world experience this semester would need to work with a professor on a Project from Industry. The student and professor will have full access to the company and will be able to perform work duties on campus.

Lead packaging efforts focused on the movement of material through the manufacturing process, paint process and final packaging. Efforts focused on manufacturing processes, material flow and production efficiency in achieving Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost objectives of the organization.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – all duties will be supported by the Watson Project Team in this partnership
1. Work closely with the manufacturing floor, paint, warehouse and operation managers to establish packaging and movement of material, process flows, floor layouts, man power planning and best practices for new and existing processes and product
2. Evaluate existing packaging materials, standards, methods, tools and man hours utilized in the packaging of material. The development of packaging methods and materials to assist in the movement of material through the manufacturing, paint and packaging operations
3. Reduction of material handling throughout the process including the development of standard lot sizing for the packaging of material.
4. Development of methods to be used and any work instructions required with the project team
5. Development of procedures and the establishment of key personnel responsibilities to ensure sustainability. (ownership and accountability and objectives)

• Standardize packaging
• Develop packaging process
• Reduce handling
• Reduce costs
• Reduce movement (time and motion)

• Time and motion studies, labor utilization, production planning and flow and other industrial/ manufacturing engineering principles.
• Creation of process flows, work standards, work instructions and inventory management.
• Computer skills (Microsoft office)

OTHER• Individual will have access to review manufacturing, paint and warehouse with on-site visits
• Individual and team will develop action items and assign responsibilities
• Partnership with individual to experience a “real world / real time” project
• Openness to new ideas on packaging and process flow.
• A project to which a student may present to Professor and Watson for a “senior project”

If you are an interested Industrial and Systems Engineering students please communicate with Gail Evans in order to discuss how this may be a great opportunity for you to receive both course credit an a wonderful resume builder. Go Warriors!

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