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Aug 27 / Carmen Gamlin

Qualification Engineer on site at Chrysler – Entry level Computer Science or Electrical / Computer Engineering

JDM Consulting is seeking WSU engineering Warrior candidates for a full time position located on site inside of Chrysler. The Qualification Engineer I will be responsible for participating and performing the following tasks:

Ad-Hoc Testing
The Qualification Engineer will use and interact with the Head Unit as a typical customer does. The main means to accomplish this task is through Ad-Hoc Testing. Ad-Hoc testing will be performed on vehicles, Bench Top Testers, and during road trips. Long (2 days) and Short (4 hours) Road trips will be taken when performing Ad-Hoc testing. Ad-Hoc Testing will cover the Connected Services, Performance, and User Experience tests. The results from Ad-Hoc testing will be new test cases, defects creation, and assessment reports.

Stability Testing
The Qualification Engineer will exercise the connected services to measure stability from week to week and from build to build.

Required Experience:
1+ year of Telematic testing experience
3+ year of Software testing
Familiar with the defect life cycle and defect tracking systems
Familiar with writing test cases and test plans
Good Communication Skills
BS in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science

Please send all resumes for this opportunity to:
Eric Kornbleuth, IT Recruiter
JDM Systems Consultants, Inc.
33117 Hamilton Ct Ste. 200
Farmington Hills MI 48334
(F) 248-489-7341

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