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Jul 19 / Carmen Gamlin

Great Chemical Engineering Opportunity at Marathon Petroleum Company

Dr. Manke wanted to share this entry level Chemical Engineering position at Marathon that is ideal for May BSCHE graduates and prior. Make sure that you hurry and complete your application by the 26th.


The Technical Services Department at the Detroit Refinery is currently seeking candidates for a Process Engineer position. The successful candidate will manage all phases of project execution and provide Technical Services support to the assigned Area Team.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1) Monitor process unit operations on a daily and long term basis utilizing a variety of data collection, test runs, and modeling tools. Recommend and help implement changes which will improve process reliability, utilization, yield, energy efficiency, environmental performance and safety.

2) Document process engineering work through monthly unit reports and process design reports.

3) Communicate effectively to stakeholders.

4) Maintain assigned process safety information.

5) Perform gap analysis against process standards, making necessary improvements.

6) Lead process improvement and/or troubleshooting efforts.

7) Monitor and evaluate process chemical usage/budget and make recommendations.

8) Monitor catalyst parameters, develop recommendations for improvements, and aid in implementation.

9) Provide process data and calculations for environmental requirements.

10) Conceive, develop and implement capital and small project improvements to ensure both short and long term viability.

11) Provide process support for unit and plant.


Degree: B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent
Major Discipline: Chemical Engineering
Years Experience Required: A minimum of two years experience is preferred
Relocation considered (yes/no): yes

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