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Jul 8 / Carmen Gamlin

Attention WSU Senior Industrial Engineering Majors – Henry Ford Health System – Fall 2013 IE Internship

Henry Ford Health System – Fall 2013 IE Internship

Job Title: Associate Management Engineer (Internship)
Location: Detroit, MI

Full Time

Employment Start date: 09/2013
Employment End date: 12/2013

Seeking Industrial Engineers. This position is designed for candidates currently working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. This position requires good communication and problem solving skills, and the ability to effectively interact with other staff members and clients.

Requirements: Must have a class standing of a Senior to be considered.

Preferred Qualifications:
– Experience conducting time studies
– Completion of a statistics course
– Intermediate to advanced excel skills

Job Description
The Associate Management Engineer under supervision from Corporate Performance Improvement Staff members will perform project work aimed at improving operation system/ function within or between corporate entities. May work on clearly-defined projects of limited scope or on more complex projects as part of a project team. Project work may include data collection/ analysis, process observation/documentation, statistical analysis and other applied Industrial Engineering skills/methodologies for department staff and clients. Prepares reports and recommendations for management and will assist with implementation whenever possible. Communicates regularly with management.

How to Apply
Email your resume to Melissa Villarreal-Keast by 7/22/2013.

Melissa Villarreal-Keast
Henry Ford Health System
One Ford Place, 3B
Detroit, MI 48202

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