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Jul 3 / Carmen Gamlin

CohortFS, LLC Seeks Computer Science – Research Based Interns in Ann Arbor Area

Our company, CohortFS, LLC, has the opportunity to receive a supplemental award from National Science Foundation to fund up to two students per year to work on our SBIR Phase II project. This NSF program — Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), is a wonderful opportunity for the right candidates to gain experience in the Computer Science field in general and cloud storage in particular.

We are looking to fill these positions now through February 2014.

Requirements & Responsibilities
1. Ideally, a student with some experience and a demonstrable ability to learn some or all of the following:
o C/C++ Systems programming (anything where you have to manage your own memory. If they’ve had an OS design course or similar experience, all the better).
o Java/JavaScript (Or some other higher level language for a portable GUI.)
o Interface design.
o Software testing (methodology, frameworks, willingness to read the manual for a framework and set it up.)
o Experience / familiarity with concurrency and distributed systems.
2. This intern will be responsible for some or all of the following, depending on experience:
1. Developing a GUI for administration of volume management and control of a distributed filesystem.
2. Testing and debugging of file system software.
3. Assisting in the development of the distributed volume manager itself (adding some volume types, for example.)
4. Assisting in the development of the metadata server.
5. Writing command line administrative tools and otherwise integrating the user space experience of CohortFS into a Unix environment.
About the Program
• The program provides a diverse group of promising students with a short-term research experience to foster their intellectual growth as scientists, and to provide an important building block for a rewarding long-term career in the fields of computer sciences and information technology.
• In this program, each student is assigned a mentor in the CohortFS research project group who will guide them towards accomplishing some of the tasks described in the responsibilities above.The mentors are experienced team members who are working on the project. The REU program will expose the students to understanding the complexity of storage management software work and its impact on the cloud community. It will provide practical educational activities that will enable participating students to become effective in the computer science community.

Eligibility Requirements
1. U.S. citizen or permanent resident
2. Current undergraduate student not scheduled to graduate before January 2014
3. Participate full-time in research and activities of the REU: June 2013 – February 2014
4. Prepare and present a poster and slides about the research project at end of project
5. Highest priority during recruitment and selection will be given to applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds that are underrepresented in science or engineering, and from schools with limited research opportunities
6. Anticipate about 320 – 400 hours on the project at our Ann Arbor location

Participants Receive
1. An amazing learning and practical experience
2. This is a paid internship — compensation will depend on students abilities and experience
3. Hours are flexible with some constraints
4. Some reasonable travel support for out-of-area students to come to Ann Arbor
5. Participation in weekly status meetings

Submit a resume including courses taken and GPA and related experience
Submit a cover letter explaining why you qualify for the internship and how it fits with your course of study.
Email both in a pdf format to

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