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Jun 26 / Carmen Gamlin

Are you on an internship or co-op this semester? Make sure you are in a co-op course.

It is a smart career decision to register for the Co-op Course in order to document your work in industry. Your Career Services Co-op Coordinators can assist you in registering for this course even after regular registration period is complete. After all, jobs do not always start neatly when a semester begins.

There are at least 5 reasons that WSU Engineering students should register for one of the co-op courses each time they work in industry.
1. BE 3500 – Co-op Record documents your work in industry on your official transcript. Your resume and transcript should reflect each other. Employers will see your engagement with the co-op / internship process. When you apply to jobs for the rest of your career, your transcript will be requested. Employers that participate with co-op or internships with any university know that a formal co-op programs exists; students register for a campus course when they are working in industry. When your resume documents that you have worked co-ops or internships, but your transcript is missing the course, questions may arise. Having the course on your record each semester will say that you work with the systems without question.
2. The course may help you to keep full time status active with the university. Without the enrollment in the course, it appears that you have “stopped-out” for a semester or two. You should communicate the benefits of enrolling in this course with your financial aid advisor and academic advisor. Some students may need to be enrolled to remain on their parent’s health insurance. This course could be the solution to these issues.
3. Professional Schools will note the gaps in your transcript when you are applying. Just like applicants for employment have to explain gaps in employment on their resume, applicants for professional schools have to explain the gaps in enrollment on their transcript. When you register for the BE 3500 course, you have continuous enrollment.
4. Having a campus-based, career service professional dedicated to you while working off campus is ideal. This is part of the role of a Co-op Coordinator. When work politics arise (and they usually do) having open communication with someone with your best interest in mind is a benefit of course enrollment.
5. It is free! The BE 3500 – 0 credit Co-op Record course has $0.00 tuition. If you are not enrolled in other campus courses, the registration is even waived. If you want credit for your work in industry then you should enroll for BE 3510 for one credit. This is coordinated through the academic departments. Your Academic Advisor will be able to advise you in the correct procedure.

So if you are not registered this semester, call (313) 577-3390 to reach your Co-op Coordinator assigned to your major or contact your Academic Advisor to see your options for BE 3510. As the College of Engineering, Career Services Consultant, I remain availalbe to you if you have career concerns or career related good news. I can be reaced at 313 577-8336, or connect with me on Linkedin,

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