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Apr 4 / Susan Crowley

Job Fair Tips

Use these at the Career Services Employment Expo!


1. Research – In most cases, an organization which hosts a job fair will list the employers that will be in attendance and possibly some of the positions for which they are hiring. You should take advantage of this by looking up these companies online and reviewing the descriptions of the positions they’re offering. This gives you time to think of how you are going to sell yourself as the top candidate for these positions.

2. Rehearse – Make sure that you rehearse responses for some of the more commonly asked interview questions. Rehearsing is essential, especially for those who have experienced past challenges in fluidly articulating their work history. Knowing how to answer the employers’ questions effectively improves your chances of leaving a lasting impression in their minds.

3. Bring Résumés – You should bring enough copies of your resume for distribution to prospective employers. If you are attending a large job fair, it is recommended that you bring 25-40 copies. If you did research on participating employers and the positions that they are offering, you will have a better idea of how many copies that you’ll really need.

4. Engage with Employers – Remember that each encounter is equivalent to a first round interview. These meetings are less formal but may be very vital in netting a job; they should be short because there are often lines of anxious job seekers waiting for their turns with the employers. Make sure that you take notes on these conversations. If you have a follow-up interview with any recruiter(s) with whom you have met at a career fair, your previously-written notes will come in handy as they’ll allow for consistency in responses.

5. Follow-ups – As the conversation winds down, make sure you ask for a business card. You can either follow up with an email or a phone call 24-48 hours later;  this highlights your genuine interest in the company. The lasting impression you make may be enough for you to be invited for a follow-up interview.

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