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Jan 4 / du1263

Calibration Engineer Opening

Calibration Engineer Opening
Direct Hire / Permanent Position
Located in Ann Arbor area

  • Master’s degree in mechanical/electrical engineering or equivalent
  • Thorough knowledge of the theoretical basics about the SI engine management. Outstanding predisposition to problem solving and work team.
    • Combustion in Spark-Ignition Engines
    • Pollutant Formation and Control (Catalyst and engine thermal management)
    • Engine Operating Characteristics:
      • Spark Timing
      • Mixture Composition and Fuel Closed loop control
      • Load and Speed
      • Compression Ratio
      • Torque
      • Engine Performance Parameters
      • Indicated, Brake Power and MEP
      • Turbocharged principle and Control
    • Knocking control basics
  • Advanced knowledge of the ETAS Inca system for development ECUs (ETK). It is understood that the candidate is able to use any ETAS modules to perform acquisitions of analog signals such as Voltage and temperatures and its configuration in INCA system development SW
  • Capacity to analyze and post-process acquired data from engine dyno and vehicleBasic knowledge about hardware ECU
    • Combustion chamber pressure analysis
    • Engine Torque / Engine Friction analysis
    • Engine Thermal analysis (exhaust, Catalyst,…)
  • Knowledge of Matlab Simulink diagrams and their algorithm interpretation
  • MultiAir engine system basic knowledge is well-appreciated (not mandatory)

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