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Jul 29 / Carmen Gamlin

Henry Ford Health System –Fall 2014 Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Internship Applications Due 8/15/2014

 henry ford logo

 Henry Ford Health System –Fall 2014 BSIE Internship


Job Title: Associate Management Engineer (Internship)

Location: Detroit, MI

Full Time

 Employment Start date: 09/2014

Employment End date: 12/2014

 henry ford


Seeking Industrial Engineers.  This position is designed for candidates currently working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. This position requires good communication and problem solving skills, and the ability to effectively interact with other staff members and clients.


Requirements: Must have a class standing of a Senior to be considered.


Preferred Qualifications:

  •  Experience conducting time studies
  •   Completion of a statistics course
  •   Intermediate to advanced excel skills


Job Description

 The Associate Management Engineer, under supervision from Corporate Performance Improvement Staff members, will perform project work aimed at improving operation system/function within or between corporate entities.  This position may work on clearly-defined projects of limited scope or on more complex projects as part of a project team.  Project work may include data collection/ analysis, process observation/documentation, statistical analysis and other applied Industrial Engineering skills/methodologies for department staff and clients. This position will be expected to prepare reports and recommendations for management and will assist with implementation whenever possible.   This position will communicate regularly with management.


How to Apply

Email your resume to Kyra Watts by 8/15/2014.

Henry ford healthcare Kyra Watts

Henry Ford Health System

One Ford Place, 3B

Detroit, MI 48202

Jul 28 / Carmen Gamlin

5 Things Employers Wish Millennials Learned in College – by Lindsey Pollack of LinkedIn

Hello WSU Warriors,

This Article is written by Lindsey Pollack, Official Ambassador at LinkedIn. It has an interesting perspective. Share this with a Warrior and feel great about your WSU Education with its’ strong undergraduate general education curriculum.

July 22, 2014 by 11 Comments

MillennialsDoes college prepare today’s young people for the real world of employment? According to a 2013 Chegg study, the answer is a definitive no. Fewer than two in five hiring managers said that recent grads are prepared for a job in their field of study.

Based on my work with entry-level employers across a wide range of industries, I would agree with this finding. There’s a lot of frustration with today’s college graduates’ preparedness compared those 10 or even five years ago.

What Has Changed?

I believe this lack of preparedness stems from a few different issues:

First, today’s grads are members of the Millennial generation, which means many of their parents were actively involved in their lives from childhood through to college. They were often celebrated for “participation” and rarely experienced failure or struggle at home. Even at school, there was often more of an emphasis on building self-esteem and creativity than on developing discipline and hard skills.

Second, colleges and universities have changed over the years to serve the desires of both Baby Boomer parents and Millennial kids. According to U.S. Department of Education data analyzed by the Chicago Tribune in 2008, there has been an 85 percent rise in the number of double and triple majors over the last decade. And in 2010 The Wall Street Journal  reported on College Board data that show more than 900 four-year colleges and universities allow students to design their own majors. These are not inherently bad trends, but they often allow, for example, a student who doesn’t like writing to avoid writing classes altogether.

Third, the world is changing so fast that it’s unclear whether any higher education program can realistically keep up with the skillsets required in today’s graduates. In many ways, it’s up to students to seek out skill- and experience-building opportunities outside the classroom through internships, extra curriculars and part-time jobs.

Serious Business Team

5 Skills Millennials Must Master

So, what exactly do employers wish more grads knew? According to the Chegg study, hiring managers felt that grads were most lacking in organization, leadership, personal finance skills and “street smarts.” Let’s explore these four skills, and one more I consider crucial:

1. Communication

This is the topic I absolutely must add to any list of what employers wish Millennials learned in college. According to a 2013 study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, 80 percent of employers said colleges should focus more on written and oral communication. No matter what the industry or job function you’re in, you will need to talk to people and send emails.

Mostly due to the rise in email, texting, instant messaging and other electronic communications, today’s grads are much more casual, unfocused and imprecise in their writing and speaking. This doesn’t mean they’re dumb or lazy; it usually means they haven’t been taught how to communicate in a professional way.

While it irritates many employers to have to offer basic writing classes to new hires, this is a simple and painless solution to the problem of Millennials’ weak writing and speaking skills. (On the positive side, employers rarely have to offer Millennials classes on basic technology and software programs.) I also recommend Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing by Mignon Fogarty.

Business Consultation

2. Organization

When it comes to organization skills, employers want Millennials to be able to manage their time so they get all their work done on a daily and weekly basis. This includes managing and prioritizing multiple assignments, and organizing and analyzing large amounts of data — such as client preferences, sales results or vendor bids — in a cohesive way.

If you are — or know — a Millennial struggling with this, one of my favorite books on the topic is Getting Things Done by David Allen.

3. Leadership

I believe this topic is crucial and so under-taught for Millennials that I wrote a new book entirely about it. At its core, being a leader is about raising your hand and taking responsibility. Saying, “This needs to get done and I’ll make sure we do it.”

You don’t need to be in a management role to be a leader, nor do you necessarily need to take a class on the topic. But employers absolutely want young employees who raise their hands to take on challenging projects, go above and beyond expectations and immediately step forward and admit if they’ve made a mistake. In other words, employers want Millennials who are mature adults.

books man cutout

4. Personal Finance

This one may feel like a bit of a curve ball, but it’s true. While I don’t agree with this practice, some employers check prospective employees’ credit scores before making a job offer. The reason is some employers believe personal finances are a way to gauge how responsible people are.

Whether this is fair or not, many college grads do tell me they wish they had learned more about personal finance in college. It can be daunting to face a salary negotiation, employee benefits choice, stock option plan or apartment lease agreement without such skills. My favorite books on the subject include Generation Earn by Kimberly Palmer, On My Own Two Feet by Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar, and I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi.

5. “Street Smarts”

Voltaire once said, “common sense is not so common,” and I see this maxim played out every day in the workplace. While employers believe it’s rude to wear ear buds in the office, Millennials are using them to focus and be more productive. While employers are horrified when a Millennial sends an email of ideas directly to the CEO, that same Millennial grew up in a world in which everyone on the planet — including the president of the United States — is accessible through social media. Common sense is most definitely not common, especially in today’s multigenerational workplace.

What employers really want is for Millennials to learn the professional etiquette of their particular environment. If you’re reading this as a Millennial, I would encourage you to observe the way people communicate, what they wear, how often they check their phones in a meeting, etc.

If you are reading this as an employer, I suggest  you make the “unspoken” rules of your workplace more accessible. For example, host professional etiquette training sessions or provide Millennials with mentors who can give them insider knowledge and answer their questions about “they way things are done around here.” It would be impossible for college to teach the ins and outs of every organization.

Linkedin Lindsey pollak

Jul 25 / Carmen Gamlin

The Prestige Group is Recruiting Veterans for Engineering, Business & IT Positions

Prestige group tanita ey recrutiter veterans flag and symbols

Tanita Ey, Technical Recruiter

Prestige Engineering


 Veterans Wanted

Interested in a rewarding career? Continuing your Education while working?

Paid Internships?

Work with other Veterans?

With companies who truly appreciate your service and sacrifice?

inspection photo

The Prestige Group may have an opportunity for you in:

Engineering, Plant Supervision,

Product Design, Quality, Supply Chain

Logistics, IT, and others

Current openings in Metro Detroit, Michigan; Toledo, Ohio; Kokomo, Indiana; Belvidere, Illinois

veterans 2

We value your military experience and training.

For more information please contact Tanita Ey.

(586) 868-4000

Prestige Group has been supporting industry since 1998. Our family of companies includes:

Prestige Engineering (Engineering, Design, Staffing)

Prestige Advanced (Int./Ext. Concepts / Full Vehicle Development / CNC / CNG Vehicle Development)

Prestige Warehouse and Assembly (Assembly, Sequencing, Warehousing)

Prestige Distribution (Cutting tools, Tool Crib Automation and Industrial equipment)

Prestige Extreme Machining and Mfg. (24 HS,  3-4-5 Axis CNC mills from small to very large projects)

Prestige Sorting (Inspection, Sorting, Liaisons, Quality Support)


Our Growth has exceeded 500% since 2007.  We have the financial ability, expertise, and facilities to support small or large programs.

Jul 25 / Carmen Gamlin

Hey WSU Warriors! It is Time to Come in for Your Career Check-up


Stop-in Career / Employment Counseling

Every weekday in WSU Career Services in 1001 FAB

Career Services Stop in Career Counseling

Ensure you are balancing your academics and your career!

inspector screen bean

Job Search Checklist

 Resume Resume resulting from undergraduate experience (academic projects) and work in industry. An engineering resume without academic projects is underselling your experience to employers.
 CSO Profile You will want to make sure your profile and resume is current on Career Services Online, CSO. For open positions, please review . This is where Employers seeking Wayne State University students post jobs.
Co-op Coordinator Undergraduate students’ Co-op Coordinator is either Maureen Johnson or Diane Grimord. They are both accessible by phone at 313 577 3390 in WSU Career Services in room 1001 FAB. Graduate Engineering students should schedule with the Career Services Consultant,, 313 577 8336.
 LinkedIn Create a LinkedIn profile that has the content in your resume with connections with your faculty, engineering peers and employers.  is the website; please connect with me.
 Cover Letter Sample cover letter for a position that you are applying for. If you need help with cover letter structure look at and view “The art of writing Job Search Letters”. Click on the yellow circles to see examples.
COE Career Blog Make sure that the College of Engineering Career Blog is bookmarked on your computer. It is the second place where we have Engineering opportunities, news and career tips:
 References If you are applying to jobs then you should confirm that you have at least three professional references who know you in a supervisory/faculty manner. These are not letters of recommendation or LinkedIn endorsements.
Job Search Log Keep track of all you usernames, passwords and applications on an excel spreadsheet. This will help you organize your follow up phone calls, and material. Imagine an employer calling you 3 weeks later after you have applied to numerous other jobs. You don’t want to search your email for your application and password history. Organize it.


Jul 24 / Carmen Gamlin

Recruitment has begun for GM Tech Center in Warren for Design Release Engineering Assistants

vision it logo

Alex is a Talent Agent for Vision IT. They have been tasked with recruiting Design Release Engineering Assistant, DREA for GM Tech Center. He is  looking for Students who have recently graduated or are planning on graduating in December 2014.  Applicants should need to have some internship and co-op experience.  If the candidate has a 4 year degree they would have the potential to go direct if the opportunity presented itself. This is a 12 month contract, $19-20 /hour located at the GM Warren Tech Center.

Vison IT Recruiter

VisionIT | 3031 W. Grand Blvd Suite 600 | Detroit, MI 48202 |


Job Description:

Design Release Engineer Assistants (DREA) will assist Design Release Engineers (DREs) in certain administrative tasks associated with the Global Vehicle Development Process.

  • Write miscellaneous material type work orders to procure parts as needed for development work, mock-ups, marketing events, etc. and track from order through delivery.
  • Communicate with E-Squared (E2) work order approvers on their status up through work order approval, in relation to the Days in Role metric report, to facilitate timely sign-offs.
  • Escalate unresolved and high-risk issues.
  • Identify potential system enhancements
  • Assure key documentation is present in the work order
  • Communicate with eSOR (Statement of Requirements) approvers on their status up through approval to facilitate timely sign-offs.
  • Escalate unresolved and high-risk issues.
  • Identify potential system enhancements
  • Communicate with ePeer Review approvers on their status up through approval to facilitate timely sign-offs.
  • Escalate unresolved and high-risk issues.
  • Identify potential system enhancements
  • Issue part shippers, pick-up/deliver parts to both Our Client and supplier locations.
  • Monitor and ensure DRE codes are up to date on all released part numbers.
  • Assist DREs with continuous improvement initiatives
  • Capture lessons learned and cascade across programs
  • Maintain a detailed time log of activities and provide regular report outs to management on what DREs assistant tasks are being performed.

GM Tech Center Warren MI

Education Requirements:

  • No Degree – with prior experience with Our Client  or similar work experience
  • 2 years of college (math, science, engineering, design) familiar with automotive
  • 4 year Degree – not necessary, but would make them a potential candidate for a direct hire if the opportunity presented itself.

Required Skills/Experience:

  • Ability to create and manipulate electronic databases
  • Ability to identify relevant drawings, layouts and graphic illustrations and use them to investigate issues and potential solutions
  • Understanding of vehicle function, both packaging and dynamic interactions of components in assigned area
  • Ability to take general direction and develop a work plan, including identification and retrieval of necessary information, data and drawings, required analysis method or technique and effective report format
  • Effective communication and presentation skills
  • Understanding of engineering and technical jargon related to Our Client and automotive

hiring sign

Jul 23 / Carmen Gamlin

Addon Services, LLC is looking to hire a Construction Manager

addon services


Addon Services, LLC. is looking to hire a Construction Manager immediately!

hiring sign

Responsibilities of a Construction Manager Include:

  • Manages on-site operations
  • Interacts with Customer
  • Accepts/approves materials and supplies
  • Assigns project labor staff/equipment
  • Completes As-built record
  • Identifies scope, schedule, cost impact of change orders
  • Inspects construction work to assure that job schedules are maintained and that work is being performed safely as per codes and design specifications.
  • Ensures quantity and quality of materials, equipment, and contract labor meet contract requirements.
  • Provides reports on a weekly and monthly basis

Required Qualifications

  • 1-5 years experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Knowledge of fundamental concepts, practices and procedures related to construction and estimating.
  • Technical knowledge of civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical building systems.
  • Federal or other government experience is a plusPlease contact Derek Smith by email, or by phone at 248-823-8797

This posting was sent to the college by Cieara Wilson.

addon services cieara Wilson

Jul 23 / Carmen Gamlin

Addon Services is Looking to Hire Full Time Assemblers

addon services

Addon Services, LLC. is looking to hire Mechanical Assemblers Immediately!

Please contact Steve Todoverto at

Responsibilities of a Mechanical Assembler include:

  • Mechanical Assembly: Utilize applicable equipment and hand tools to assemble mechanical and/or electro-mechanical assemblies per provided documentation.
  • Component Recognition: Ability to properly recognize common components and tools such as torque drivers, arbor press, connectors, heatshrink, circuit boards, etc. and use as specified in assembly documentation.
  • Work Area Upkeep: Maintain production areas so they are orderly, clean and safe for work. Proper storage of tools and work in process. Reporting to supervision if areas are unsafe, tools missing, or additional materials needed for upkeep and production.
  • Basic Qualifications: • The ability to read and interpret assembly drawings, wiring diagrams, schematics, technical instructions, Bills of Material and Quality standards. • Ability to work accurately and quickly under operational deadlines. • Learns and retains information, relating to standards and specifications, through provided classroom and on the job training • General computer skills including MS Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. Please contact Steve Todoverto at
  •  • Knowledge of Electronic Components, Mechanical Components, and PCBs
  • • 20/20 vision (corrected acceptable) Ability to see small features, distinguish colors.
  • • Experience utilizing small hand tools and soldering equipment.
  • • 1+ Years experience in Cable Assembly /Electromechanical / Electronic Manufacturing environmen
Jul 23 / Carmen Gamlin

Cequent Performance Products Seeks Engineering Candidates for OEM Design Engineer

cequent logo


OEM Design Engineer

Cequent Performance Products (a TriMas company) is seeking an OEM Design Engineer to join our team. This position will be located at our Plymouth, Michigan facility reporting to our OEM Engineering Manager. Cequent Performance Products (CPP) is an operating group that is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of accessories for light trucks, sport utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, passenger cars and trailers of all types. Products include towing and hitch systems, trailer components and accessories, and electrical, brake, cargo-carrying and rack systems.

This Candidate is responsible for working with customers to create designs, Quote drawing packages, and processing OEM launches or changes. Working with Program Managers and following up with testing.


  • Designer with the ability to manage drawings and system requirements for changes in the system.
  • Must be able to work with minimal supervision, design and coordinate product launches to customer requirements.
  • Ability to review vehicles, take measurements and create CAD data from raw information.
  • Working with APQP procedures, design competitive, aesthetically pleasing and innovative towing products that meet or exceed customer requirements.
  • Requires entering BOM & Item Masters into QAD and processing Engineering Change Requests & Product changes in the OEM business.
  • Fabricate and perform physical testing on engineering prototypes. Fabricating tasks may include welding, press operation, iron worker operation, and hand tool use. Training for Metal fab and welding to broaden Prototyped capabilities will be made available.
  • Provide manufacturing drawings of components and assemblies using applicable industry and business standards. Also provide templates and DXF files for Plasma profiles.
  • This person will learn to process the daily change requests from the OEM’s as well as the smaller out-sourced products we sell the OEM business
  • Demonstrate the ability to make things happen in an APQP environment.
  • Determine and provide illustration(s) and text for instruction sheets.
  • Learn to use Finite Element Analysis to evaluate structures (with training).
  • Some travel regionally is expected.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

 cequent location


  • Minimum: 4 year Engineering degree.
  • 1 – 5 years of welded structures for aftermarket or OEM experience is a plus.
  • Experience in metal fabrication (prototype building and shop practices) a plus.
  • Must be able to show experience of timely completion of independent work.
  • Valid driver’s license is required.
  • Experience with 3D modeling systems, BOM, Item Masters & document change process is required.
  • Show interest in Auto Industry, specifically: trends, new vehicle introductions.
  • Experience with an automotive OEM customer is preferred.

Sent to WSU College of Engineering by:

Cequent, Sara HR

Jul 22 / Carmen Gamlin

Volunteers Are Needed for 2014 POWERED TO DREAM Youth Tech and Innovation Camp July 28 – Aug 2

 Student Volunteers Are Needed!!!!

 michigan Technical Academy




8:00AM-2:00PM (open to boys and girls ages 9-16)

mechanical  engineering color

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO SERVE IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS:  Social Media, Workshop Assistants, “Demo Day” Assistants and more.

volunteer hands 2

There are half-day, daily and full week volunteer opportunities available.  The volunteer position in non-paid, however, student volunteers will receive letter of service upon completion of camp.  For more information, please contact Sandra Ware at 248.417.2709 or via email at

volunteer image

MTA is located at 19940 Mansfield Street, Detroit 48235

Workshops include: Robotics, Rocketry, Web Development

EVENT FEATURES: Microsoft Innovation Area, Give-Aways, Prizes and Parent Tech Workshop, and Lunch



Also, check out the article on last year’s camp featured on  “Detroit Youth Are Powered To Dream” (


Jul 21 / Carmen Gamlin

Denso is Recruiting Domestic Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Co-op Students

denso flag

Deanna Celsi, the Co-op Coordinator for DENSO International America

wants to engage WSU Mechanical Engineering students. 

mechanical engineering

Denso is the second largest global automotive supplier, a 39 billion dollar company that specializes in the research and design of advanced automotive technology. Denso operates in seven segments, powertrain systems, thermal systems, safety systems, body electronics, industrial systems, heavy duty, and DENSO after market.

denso Deanna Celsi
Deanna is hiring for multiple Mechanical Engineering co-op opportunities in our thermal R&D group as well as our powertrain group. Please see job description below:

  • Selected candidate will assist thermal r&d group with supporting the design and development of Thermal System Business.
  • Duties will include, designing, DFMEA analysis, testing, benchmarking, preparing technical reports and VA/VE investigation.
  • Position requires a sophomore, junior or senior student pursuing a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from an accredited four year university.

Mechanical engineering students can direct resumes/questions to Deanna at Deanna_Celsi@Denso-Diam.Com.

 Denso logo

All WSU Warriors should enroll in the co-op course every semester. 

Contact your co-op coordinator today, 313 577 3390.