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Aug 11 / Veronica Bielat

94% of ERIC Full-Text Documents Now Available

Phase I of the ERIC (Educational Research Information Clearinghouse) PDF restoration project is now complete. 94% of the previously removed documents are now available online! You may recall that in August of 2012, the ERIC team discovered personally identifiable information appeared in some ERIC documents. Due to new search technologies, this information was easily discoverable for the first time. Full-text documents was temporarily removed due to the security concerns. Over the past two years, ERIC has been restoring documents to the collection on a rolling basis.

Today, approximately 94% of the PDFs that ERIC has permission to display are now available. This includes all peer-reviewed materials, documents published after 2004, and PDFs that were scanned electronically for sensitive information. Some documents have a “PDF Pending Restoration” message, which means the original copies were of poor quality, and unreadable to human eyes and machine readers. ERIC is currently creating more readable digital copies of these items.

There are 670 documents that have are have sensitive information that cannot be released, and the “PDF Pending” indicator and “Download Full Text” links have been removed from these records, but the citations remain in the collection.

Want to learn more? The ERIC Team is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, September 16th at 1pm. This webinar will describe the PDF restoration project in much more depth and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. Registration will be forthcoming on the ERIC website.

The ERIC Database is available through the Wayne State University on the ProQuest Platform. It provides access to ERIC full-text PDF documents, plus full-text articles available through the Wayne State University library system.