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Oct 13 / Veronica Bielat

Economics of Education: Free Access to Articles through October

The publisher Taylor & Francis online has provided free access through October to articles on the topic of the Economics of Education, from its journal publication catalog, including: Applied Economics, Education Economics and the Journal of Education Policy, and books such as Education and Development.

Click here to access the articles and books.

Oct 6 / Veronica Bielat

New Journals from American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association (APA) added 6 new journals to its publishing catalog in 2014. You can access the full content of all of the new journals, plus all journals published by APA,  through the library’s subscription to PsycArticles.

Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice
Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity
Qualitative Psychology
Spirituality in Clinical Practice
Journal of Threat Assessment and Management

For quick access all of our online journals, try a journal title search using the Wayne State library’s Online Journal search

Aug 14 / Veronica Bielat

School Center–Now on Learning Express Library

Teacher Education faculty and students may be interested in exploring the School Center in the newly expanded library database Learning Express Library. Developed for K-12 students, it includes practice, tutorials, e-books for Math, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies skills improvement.

Learning Express Library is made available through MeL-the Michigan Electronic Library, and is freely available to all Michigan residents through

Aug 11 / Veronica Bielat

94% of ERIC Full-Text Documents Now Available

Phase I of the ERIC (Educational Research Information Clearinghouse) PDF restoration project is now complete. 94% of the previously removed documents are now available online! You may recall that in August of 2012, the ERIC team discovered personally identifiable information appeared in some ERIC documents. Due to new search technologies, this information was easily discoverable for the first time. Full-text documents was temporarily removed due to the security concerns. Over the past two years, ERIC has been restoring documents to the collection on a rolling basis.

Today, approximately 94% of the PDFs that ERIC has permission to display are now available. This includes all peer-reviewed materials, documents published after 2004, and PDFs that were scanned electronically for sensitive information. Some documents have a “PDF Pending Restoration” message, which means the original copies were of poor quality, and unreadable to human eyes and machine readers. ERIC is currently creating more readable digital copies of these items.

There are 670 documents that have are have sensitive information that cannot be released, and the “PDF Pending” indicator and “Download Full Text” links have been removed from these records, but the citations remain in the collection.

Want to learn more? The ERIC Team is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, September 16th at 1pm. This webinar will describe the PDF restoration project in much more depth and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. Registration will be forthcoming on the ERIC website.

The ERIC Database is available through the Wayne State University on the ProQuest Platform. It provides access to ERIC full-text PDF documents, plus full-text articles available through the Wayne State University library system.

Jul 11 / Veronica Bielat

America’s Young Adults: Special Issue, 2014

From IES Newsflash Service

The Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics has released America’s Young Adults: Special Issue, 2014. The indicators presented in this report provide a rich snapshot of the health, education, and well-being of America’s young adults.

Report findings include:

• In 2013, 84 percent of young adult women and 81 percent of young adult men had completed at least a high school education. These percentages were up from 79 and 75 percent, respectively, in 1980.

• The overall college enrollment rate for 18- to 24-year-olds increased from 26 percent in 1980 to 41 percent in 2012. Among Hispanics in this age group, college enrollment during this time increased from 22 to 37 percent, the largest increase among all racial and ethnic groups.

• In 2011–12, about 68 percent of young adult undergraduates in their fourth year of college or above had received federal loans, non-federal loans, or Parent Loans for Undergraduates (PLUS, received by parents), compared with 50 percent in 1989–90.

• The mean cumulative debt per fourth-year student in 2011–12 was $25,400, up from $14,700 in 1989–90, after adjusting for inflation.

• A higher percentage of young adults ages 20–24 was neither enrolled in school nor working in 2013 (19 percent) than in 1990 (17 percent). This percentage also increased for young adults at various levels of educational attainment.

• The labor force participation rate for young adults was 65 percent in 2012, compared with the peak rate of 75 percent in 1986 and 74 percent in 2000.

• Fifty-eight percent of young men and 51 percent of young women lived with their parents in 2013.

To view the full report please visit

Jul 10 / Veronica Bielat

ERIC is Now Accepting Online Submissions

ERIC, Education Resources Information Center, is an online digital library of education research and information. In addition to providing access to content in professional and scholarly journals, and all types of non-journal publications, including conference papers, graduate theses and dissertations, literature reviews, and reports. ERIC also accepts journal articles if they are submitted by the author or were supported by federal funding.

Do you have a paper that you would like to include in ERIC? If so, ERIC is now accepting online submissions!

To learn more about the type of work indexed in ERIC, please see their Selection Policy.

For more information about the online submission process, please see the ERIC FAQs for online submission.

Jun 19 / Veronica Bielat

Webinars on tests, measures and statistics

Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, and APA (American Psychological Association) are producing a series of webinars and videos on tests, measures and statistics. You can access the first two of these archived webinars on the Wayne State Library System’s Testing, Measurement and Assessment Resources Guide (Tests & Measures Video Series tab)

The first webinar in the series is titled Would You Like to Know More About Finding and Using Measures? and includes the topics Types of Measures and Scales, How to Find Them, What Makes a Good Measure, What if There Isn’t a Measure for What I Want to Use?

The second webinar is titled Using Statistical Tests . Its topics include what test to use in what situation, statistical tests for relationships, prediction, two-group designs, multiple-group design and causal modeling, and APA Style guidelines on statistical presentation in text, tables, and figures.

The Wayne State Library System maintains a collection of references resources and handbooks in our Purdy-Kresge Library Test Collection, and provides online licensed access to Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print and DSM-5 (through Psychiatry Online).

May 29 / Veronica Bielat

NCES Releases “The Condition of Education 2014″

The Condition of Education 2014 summarizes developments and trends from 42 indicators on the status and condition of education from preschool to postsecondary.

Postsecondary findings for the year 2012 include:

  • 56 percent of male students and 61 percent of female students who began their bachelor degree in the fall of 2006, and did not transfer, had completed their degree by 2012.
  • over 1 million associate’s degrees, 1.8 million bachelor’s degrees, and more than 750,000 master’s degrees were awarded
  • young adults with a bachelor’s degree earned 57% more than you adult high school completers. ($46,900 vs. $30,000)


May 8 / Veronica Bielat

A First Look at State of Preschool 2013

The NCES announced the release of its First Look State of Preschool 2013. This brief report presents date about state supported preschool enrollment and funding, at the state and national levels for the 2012-13 school year.

Reported findings include:

• Forty states and the District of Columbia had state supported programs in place to provide preschool in 2012-13.

• State-funded preschool served 1.34 million children in these states.

• Total expenditures from all identified sources supporting state preschool programs equaled $6.2 billion in 2012-13, representing a decrease from the previous year’s inflation-adjusted total of $6.39 billion.

Apr 28 / Veronica Bielat

ERIC Releases Revised Journal and Non-Journal Source Lists

ERIC, the Education Resources Information Center, has added 20 new journals and 118 new not-journal sources to its expansive index of over 1,600 educational research resources in its database.  All of the sources currently indexed in ERIC meet the standard and criteria of the revised ERIC Selection Policy, developed in collaboration with its Collection Advisory Group. The new collection policy focuses on education research, and also considers whether sources produce content on a regular basis, the ease of obtaining full text for searchers, and whether content is peer reviewed. Previously indexed records from sources that are no longer active will remain in the collection.

Review the list of active journals and non-journals indexed on the ERIC website. Click the title or source name to return all records indexed in ERIC for that source. (If you retrieve an empty result set, ERIC has not yet received materials for indexing from that source.)

Wayne State University libraries also provides access to ERIC through the ProQuest and EbsocoHost database platforms, which provides easy linking to our full-text subscriptions and document delivery request forms.