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Sep 11 / Maryvi Nguyen

Thinking with Type (pt1):

lupton LETTER

My favorite part of this piece is the opening sentences, “THIS I NOT A BOOK ABOUT FONTS. It is a book about how to use them.” That first sentence pulled me in right away when reading this piece. What I found interesting most was the comparison between typefaces and architects, “just as glass, stone, steel, and other materials are employed by architects… typeface are and essential resource employed by graphic designer.”


It’s interesting to think that typefaces where made to represent something. Different countries has different symbols representing different typefaces. Typefaces nowadays vary from thick, thin, tall, short, italic, bold, curvy, or minimal and it is strange to read that certain fonts were not accepted. Gothic scripts were once not accepted in the fifteenth century in Italy but the Gothic style is everywhere. Before reading this passage, I’ve walked passed fonts everyday and never realized how in depth it is and the history of it. I loved how “Renaissance artist sought standards of proportion in the idealized human body.” Overall, the history of typefaces are interesting and just like any other art piece, it has character, backgrounds, and history.