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So the weekend before last I had the pleasure of culminating everything that I learned in my opera workshop class in a wonderful production of The Mikado. It was the first semester I was involved in that had this much collaborative effort from other departments; mostly the Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre & Dance. Our professor, Emery Stephens, wanted us to experience what a professional opera would entail in regards to having separate directors for separate aspects of the production, thus we had the abundant pleasure of being stage directed/choreographed by the Artistic Director of Theatre and Dance here at WSU, Michael Barnes! A phenomenal source of creative insight and intelligence, Michael came in under our unheard of time restriction and not only provided us with a great energy boost, but a level of professionalism that felt standard worthy for semesters to come. In addition to Michael, hailing from our Theatre Department, we had Mary Copenhagen executing the amazing work on our costumes and makeup. The end result was nearly awe-strucking! Take a gander at Samuel Murphy and I’s costumes above. In addition to Mary and Michael, Andrew Neen, a WSU graduate, collaborated with us as our conductor. As an instrumentalist (42R) Trumpet for the US Army and Chief Editor at Pinebrook Music Company, LLC (Sole Proprietorship), the cast had an amazing opportunity to work with those who are doing well in their professions! Although rigorous in rehearsal and nearly impossible-seeming in the amount of time we had available to us: this production was extremely fun to execute! There’s possibility that we’ll be performing it again at the Detroit School of Arts; thus you’ll be hearing more on the show from that performance soon. It feels great to be a part of such a collaborative and community based college! ONLY IN THE CFPCA!

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Posted by Dante' Jones on November 25, 2013

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