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Nov 26 / Danielle Wright

Finals Week is Approaching….

It’s getting close to finals time and stress levels are going through the roof! Here are some good tips to help destress:

  1. Do some yoga

Yoga is easy to do and doesn’t take up much space (so you can even do it in your dorm room). It creates balance and a sense of calm, which can really help keep your mind straight during finals week.

  1. Light some candles

Aromatherapy is a great way to relieve stress! Bath and Body Works has some awesome aromatherapy stress relief candles, pillow mists, and lotions. If you don’t like candles, or can’t have them in your dorm room, try an essential oil diffuser!

  1. Get some sleep

During finals this one may seem nearly impossible, but trying to get least a couple of hours every night will do you better than pulling all-nighters. You won’t do very well on that exam if you fall asleep during it!

  1. Go to the gym

It may be incredibly hard to find time between studying, but just getting up and running or doing some jumping jacks and stretches for like 10 minutes can do wonders to bring down your stress levels!

  1. Scream into a pillow

This one may seem silly, but it helps so much! Sometimes you just feel like you need to let some emotion out. So go ahead and scream and get all of your frustration out without disturbing your roommate…

  1. Invest in a stress ball

Stress balls give you something to direct your nervous energy and frustration towards. Maybe use one while you study and then take it to the exam with you. Studies actually show that if you do an action while taking an exam that you did while studying you are more likely to remember the information.

  1. Limit your caffeine intake

This is another one that may seem nearly impossible during finals week, but caffeine can spike your blood pressure which can increase your stress. Try drinking tea instead!

  1. Take a deep breath

When in doubt, just take a deep breath in for 8 and out for 8. Just the simple act of breathing can have a huge immediate impact on your stress levels.


Just remember that while your finals are of course very important, so is your health. So keep that in mind while you begin studying for your finals and try to limit your stress a little bit each day with some of these tips.


Good luck and happy studying!